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I think I need to use CFFile: Read, but am not sure how. I am currently uploading word and pdf documents to my web site automatically and want to store all of the content of each document into a specific database table field. Doees anybody have any idea how I can read the content of a specific word or pdf document, in order to insert this information into a database? It doesn't have to look pretty - I plan on running a keyword search against this content. Thanks for your help...
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1. upload the document using cffile and upload..

2. convert word to html and store in DB as needed
you should store the files in a particular directory and you use CF's search facilities to index and run a search against it.  Probably better than doing your own DB solution for search.  AFAIK, CF can index and search PDF and Word files.
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rajeevmshahAuthor Commented:
Thanks, guys. I like cheekycj's method. Can you please paste some sample code that would allow me to index the documents and run a search? Thanks a lot...
Check the 'Verity' Section in your CF Docco
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