Change faces in human bodies

I have to do some works for a corporation in a international fair. The work consists in putting the visitors face in the football players body, and i just have a few minutes to do so.
I have tried with FEATHER and copy/paste, but it looks uggly, and needs retouch, so i have to find a better and professional way to do that. Please could you tell me how to do it?
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shadowboltConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree with weed and everyone else - no time, no results. However, here are a few tips to make your life easier.

1. make sure you pose your subject (the visitor to be photographed) on the same angle as the picture you are going to transpose their face on to. Pay close attention to shadows on the picture you are going to use (of the footballer) and make sure you have a light source aimed appropriately. Doing this (it sounds like a lot but believe me, you'll appreciate it later) will solve a lot of contrast problems before you even touch the computer.

2. Instead of selecting THEN copy/pasting, try copy/pasting the entire image of the visitor onto the picture of the footballer. Set its opacity to 40% or so to line it up as best you can. Use IMAGE -> TRANSFORM -> SCALE to get its size right (get it right in one Transform, otherwise the resampling will destroy your picture). Now its lined up, trace out the face and save the selection as a channel. Go over to the channels palette, and duplicate the channel holding your selection. On the duplicate (this is to stop you having to redo the selection if you make a mistake) and run a gentle gaussian blur on it (amount will vary depending on size - try 1px as a start. Finally, go back to the Layers palette, add a layer mask to the pic of the visitor. Load up the blurred selection and fill it to mask out the rest of the visitor apart from their face. This should allow it to blend in more naturally.

3. Add an adjustment layer (or several) to sort out any suntan or tones issues. Bind these to the picture (of the visitor) by ALT-clicking between the layers on the Layers Palette.

This won't give you pefect results immediately, but it should help save you a lot of frustration. You could easily set up the adjustment layers beforehand and just turn them off, so that when you're ready, you turn them back on and adjust them to what you want.

Hope this helps. Just remember that you still need time to do a great job.
There is no "quick and clean" way to do it. Either you do it fast and it looks lame, or you take your time, and it looks perfect. The professional way, obviously, is to take your time. No matter what you do, nothing fast is going to look good. You have to put in time to get good results.
I agree there is probably no quick an easy way.  But if the football player in your picture is wearing a helmet, there may be a slightly easier way than what you're trying...

Instead of trying to cut out the person's face and paste it into the football helmet, try pasting the football helmet over the person's face.  Here's how...

Open your original photograph of the football player and make the image into "Layer 1".  Now add a blank background.  On layer 1, carefully select the opening of the football helmet using the lasso tool or magic wand (or combination of both).  When you have the desired area selected, hit the delete key to delete the contents of your selected area.  This should in effect remove the football player's face and leave a "window" to the background.

Now, paste the picture of your client into the background layer and position/resize it to fit in the opening you created in layer 1.  When you have everything aligned to your liking, simply flatten the image and save it in whatever format you need.

The only real skill involved in this method is in carefully cutting out the football players face from the helmet.  But if you have a steady hand, it should work fine.  Remember, once you've created the selection, you can always add or subtract from it before you delete the contents.

If your football player is not wearing a helmet in the picture, then I'm afraid Weed is right... you're going to have to do some detailed and painstaking work to get it to look right.
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I agree with Weed 100%. Besides the issues of resizing, overlapping, outlining and feathering in Photoshop, you also must take in consideration light source, skin tone, overall tonal ranges and textures. It's not a 5-minute task.

Good vibes!!
One other option that will save you ages in the matching dept. is to greyscale the image and the players images then all you have to worry about is the relative contrast and greytones rather than your colour matching abilities.

Parivesh JainSenior AssociateCommented:
i read your problem. iknow it's realy a tough job but not impossble.
look you have to first cut the face of the man from image
and then paste it the body image.both the images have to be at diff. layers.
now applay blur filer at the bottm of face so that it can mix in the body and same filter at body upper portion.
now mix up both by using opacity. you have to do opacity less at both points.
remember you have to put less amount of blur filer other wise the image can get damage.
i think now u can proceed.
best of luck
if possible please send me mail at that what happen.
pariveshj please read the guidelines for posting comments and answers BEFORE locking up questions.
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