Tip of day form

I've got 2 problems getting the default "Tip of Day Form" to work in my project.

I have a stock standard splash screen that launches my Main Menu Form.

I want the Tip of Day form to display after the Main form has loaded. How do I do this????

The Tip of Day Form has a checkbox that that gives you the option of showing tip of Day form on startup or not showing it. This value is written to the registry. When I uncheck the checkbox ,the Tip of Day form no longer loads on startup. The only problem is I haven't worked out how to get the form to show again.

What's the best way to get it to start??
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aikimarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the Tip form, do the following:

Sub Form_Load()
  If boolShowTip Then
    Unload Me
  End If
End Sub

Note 1: you still need to add code to save the ShowTip setting, both from the Tip form and in the main form with the Option menu item.
Note 2: Your Tip form will need to retrieve the saved ShowTip value.
You will need to include a checked menu option or option dialog checkbox accessable from somewhere in your application.

I assume you are storing/retrieving this setting upon shutdown/startup.  If not, you will always show the tip form with EVERY startup.
Chandramouli kArchitectCommented:
u can show it in Help menu. as IE provides.

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If I've interpreted yourt question correctly, what you could do is this:

In the form_load event of your startup form, Hide your startup form, load the mian form and set it's visible property to true, followed by showing your startup form.

If you want to put the option of showing the startup form in your main form, you could create a menu to show "Tips of the day" that sort of thing.

That's it!

glass cookie : )
backflashAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments people,
But I was  at that stage when I posted the question.

When I show the Tip of Day form and then unchek the checkbox to not show it in future, I cant work out how to get it to show again.
If I use the Tip.show command I just produces an error message

How about trying:

Tip.Visible = True

If you still get an error, then I suppose it's got something to do with some coding in your Form_Load event or any other events related to your Tip form being visible.

Did you use any API calls that deals with your GUI, and what was your error message?

That's it!

glass cookie : )
backflashAuthor Commented:
Good Enough

Thanks aikmark
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