open several url at time to check them... multi-threading ?

I would like to know if it is possible to load multiple web page at time ?
exemple :
I have a page named :
I would like to scan all codes from 1000 to 9999 and stop when the page load somthing like "ok code fine".
I use actually a loop with the webbrowser like this :
 code =code +1
 webbrowser.navigate = "" & code
  Loop Until Not webbrowser.Busy
loop until instr(webbrowser.Document.body.outerHTML, "ok code fine",1) <> 0
Is there a way to use winsock and make a openurl or things like that.... store the opened url in a string and look for the string "ok code fine" but using multiple openurl at time ?
hope you could help me,
Best regards,

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There is anexample of multithreading in VB available at this link

have a look and see if it is any help
Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
Yes, you could use inet control  with execute method and saving result in a string and doing a search with instr funtion.
albundyAuthor Commented:
I want to make more than 20 search as time

Using inet will be the same...I'll have to wait until it finish to scan next url...

that I want is to scan several urls at time.

I don' think creating 20 inet control is the best way to do it...

all yours ideas are welcome
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As far as I know to do something like that you will have to multithread...
albundyAuthor Commented:
yup, but I cannot find any piece of code making that :(
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