How to set the Horizontal alignment Property of a Picture Object in a Word Document?


How to set the Horizontal alignment Property of a Picture Object in a Word Document?

In a table, i add a picture. I need to set the Picture's Property (Right Click picture > Select Format Picture > go to Layout Tab > Horizontal aligment)?

I think i got the code i want but still cannot make it. Can someone guide or customize my codes a bit?

Here is the codes:

Dim myWord As New Word.Application
Dim myfileName As String

Private Sub cmdOpenWord_Click()
    myWord.Visible = True
    myWord.ActiveDocument.Tables.Add myWord.ActiveDocument.Range, txtRow, txtCol ' wdAlignTabRight ', wdAutoFitContent
    'Set Border to None
    myWord.ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Borders.Item(wdBorderBottom) = wdNone
    myWord.ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Borders.Item(wdBorderDiagonalDown) = wdNone
    myWord.ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Borders.Item(wdBorderDiagonalUp) = wdNone
    myWord.ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Borders.Item(wdBorderHorizontal) = wdNone
    myWord.ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Borders.Item(wdBorderLeft) = wdNone
    myWord.ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Borders.Item(wdBorderRight) = wdNone
    myWord.ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Borders.Item(wdBorderTop) = wdNone
    myWord.ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Borders.Item(wdBorderVertical) = wdNone
    'myWord.ActiveDocument.Shapes.AddPicture myfileName
    myWord.ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Cell(1, 1).Select
    For i = 1 To 25
        j = j & "Hello World " & Chr$(12)
    Next i
    myWord.ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Cell(1, 1).Range.InsertAfter j
    myWord.ActiveDocument.Shapes.AddPicture myfileName
    myWord.ActiveDocument.Shapes(1).WrapFormat.Side = wdWrapRight
    myWord.ActiveDocument.Shapes(1).WrapFormat.Type = wdWrapTight
'    myWord.ActiveDocument.Shapes(1).AutoShapeType = wdHorizontalLineAlignRight
'    myWord.ActiveDocument.Shapes(1).AutoShapeType = wdHorizontalLineAlignRight
    'myWord.ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Columns(1).Width = 120
End Sub

* I need to solve this problem before Tuesday. Points will be added to fast and accurate answer. Thanks.
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Busy now, check with you later.
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I don't see Layout Tab (in Word 97), but you can do this:

1. go to menu Tools, Macro, select "Record new Macro"
2. Macro recorder is running and whatever you do will be recorded.  Now, select Layout Tab and do the alignment of the picture.
3. Stop Recording
4. Now, in the list of macros, select your macro and press Edit - this will show the generated code, which can be used inside your VB application with some minor modifications.

Also, use "Option Explicit", don't use "As New" in declarations, and don't use default properties like "txtRow" - use "txtRow.Text".

Try change this:
myWord.ActiveDocument.Shapes(1).AutoShapeType = wdHorizontalLineAlignRight

myWord.ActiveDocument.Shapes(1).HorizontalLineFormat.Alignment = wdHorizontalLineAlignRight

Ryan ChongAuthor Commented:
Hi pals,

Sorry for the long delay, not working for a week already so don't get a chance to reply this question.

Now i was able to Align the picture like this:

Private Sub opt_Click(Index As Integer)
    Select Case Index
    Case 0
        myWord.ActiveDocument.Shapes(1).Left = 0
    Case 1
        myWord.ActiveDocument.Shapes(1).Left = (myWord.ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Cell(1, 1).Width - myWord.ActiveDocument.Shapes(1).Width) / 2
    Case 2
        myWord.ActiveDocument.Shapes(1).Left = myWord.ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Cell(1, 1).Width - myWord.ActiveDocument.Shapes(1).Width
    End Select
End Sub

But here is a problem, how can i add a picture on certain rows in a Table? I have tried but still can't get it yet!

* use this line to add rows on a table:

Any suggestion or useful links on Word VBA? Thanks
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Ryan ChongAuthor Commented:
Ryan ChongAuthor Commented:
For ameba, thanks for provide me an alternative, but unfortunately i can't record for the picture editing part (Cannot change Picture Format when macro is recording), so i failed to solve the problem, until TimCottee solve the problem for me at this PAQ question:

So, can i PAQ this question for 0 points?

That's good idea.  PAQ it!
Ryan ChongAuthor Commented:
Thanks :)
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