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smoothing edges of an object

hello everyone!!! how do i smooth an edge of an object? for example, i have a cube, but i want to smooth the edges (not the faces) so that i can make it look like a die....how do i do that? help please! :) :) thanks a lot in advance!
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Well...usually one would use Photoshop but unless youre extremely good with the airbrush tool youre probably better off either giving up or doing it in a 3D program where you can make more realistic rounded corners. What you really want to do is round the corners, not smooth them, and you want it to look realistic. Any smoothing you do in PS will look linear and non-realistic with limited perspective etc. That is of course unless youre really good but if you were that good you probably wouldnt be asking us..;)

That being said you can get results (quality depending on your skill and time put into it) with the airbrush tool, smudge tool, blur tool. There is no cookie cuter method for the kind of modification youre trying to make, so experiment with various methods.
dabestprogrammerindauniverseAuthor Commented:
i'm sorry once i again...i forgot to type the program i'm using.  it's 3d studio max R3...help please! :) thanks! :)
The easiest way to do what you're talking about is to make a chamfer box instead of a plain box, which curves the edges...  Or if you want even more fine tweaking than that, make a normal box, add quite a bit of mesh to it, by increasing the length, width, and height segments, editing the mesh to how you see fit, then adding a meshsmooth modifier.  Meshsmooth smoothes between 2 vertices, so if you have a box with no mesh, you will get a sphere after putting meshsmooth on it.
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