How to capture image from camera ?


I have wrote a small app to capture an image from a web cam to publish to member cards.  However, i used the quickcam SDK - I have now found out that this will not run on Windows NT.  So, my question is, what is the simplest way to grab an image from a camera then save to a file - but not using the quickcam sdk :-)

The camera is a quickcam parallel VC.  I could just say upgrade your os, but this is not really an option due to their internal politics.  

A quick response would be great !!


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mdouganConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, the thing that I've ended up using is a freeware/shareware ocx called ezvidcap.ocx

This lets you capture AVI but also single frames, but I think that it requires Video For Windows.  

My Windows NT machine doesn't support the USB port so, I can't plug in the camera there, so, I plug into a W2K box that also supports VFW and it works fine.
Well, Windows NT is going to limit you in a lot of ways.  The quick answer to your question is to use the Video For Windows (VFW) API, but this requires Direct-X 6 or 7 I think, which is not available for NT 4.0.

I downloaded some sample code from microsoft for this, and I also downloaded a free OCX from somewhere, but again, they require Video For Windows, and I think VFW requires a recent version of direct-x
schofield_gAuthor Commented:
Hello, thanks mdougan for your comment...I did think I would be limited, I have looked into the VPW and it looks an option, however...I can only get samples and documentation etc where it is referring to video capture..not capture of a single frame to a file.

Any chance you can shed some more light on this ?
schofield_gAuthor Commented:
Great !

I have had a look at the ocx and it is exactly what I needed.  It is for a parallel webcam on nt4 so I have no issues there.

That is a real help, it has saved from admitting defeat and saying that the app will not run on nt4.

Thanks for your help

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