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Disable login to workstation only checkbox

I need to know if anyone could give me the registry key that will disable this checkbox so you must login to novell.
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What happens to that Ws if the network connection is broken?
I dont know if it is possible to do what you want, but if you dont have any local users on the ws except the administrator and use Dynamic local users (the user is created when you log in to the ws and deleted when you logout) there should be no problem.
The only problem is that you need Zenworks to do this (if that is a problem!).
Right-click on the Red Novell icon on the toolbar, then select Novell client properties. Then select the Advanced login tab and deselect the offending option, in this case "Workstation Only"

There you are

I have learned something!!
So easy, but if you dont look for something you will not find it;-)
But I wonder why you should use this option?
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The effected reg key:
To turn on...
To turn off...

The other point...
If the network connection is lost, the Novell login will time out and offer you the option to log in to the workstation locally.
I have learned yet another thing!! ;-))

This is the reg key I use to ensure no one is able to access a Windows 9x workstation without a proper novell logon.  Even if the network is down, people will not be able to logon to the machine locally.
But a dos-boot will work!
There are ways to prevent people from loading DOS in Windows, but they are a bit more tricky and may involve the use of BIOS settings, policies and 3rd party applications.

On thenetwork I maintain, I employ Zenworks to create policies that lock down the workstation.  It hides desktop shortcuts, prevents the use of the right-click mouse button in certain areas.

But as everyone knows, if there is a will there is a way as students always find a way around most security in Windows 9x.  Want to browse the system....load up Internet Explorer and type in  C:\  (there are reg settings to lock down this function as well).

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