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Server Socket Queues

I need to write an application to act as an interface between several cash register systems (all the same type) and a customer loyalty system.

I can write procedures to pick up data from the customer loyalty system without any problems.

I have written a procedure using TServerSocket to receive packets from a socket client and it works OK most of the time.

The problems I am having are:
   1. There seem to be many different errors I need to trap and handle.  I don’t know what these all are or how to handle them.  e.g. Socket Connection errors.

   2. I am using a procedure called: TMain_Form.CashRegisters_ServerClientRead(Sender: Tobject; Socket: TCustomWinSocket);.  When I receive only one packet at a time, it works OK.  If I receive a second packet while this procedure is processing the first packet, it stops processing the first packet until the latest packet has been handled.
I want the program to process packets on a first-in first-served basis.

I am fairly new to Delphi programming and have no experience (until a few days ago) using sockets.  I don’t have a lot of time to finish this project.

My preference would be to find a component that will handle the errors and queueing for me.

Are there any components available to do this?  I would prefer freeware or shareware so I can try before I buy.
1 Solution
>>If I receive a second packet
while this procedure is processing the first packet, it stops processing the first packet until the
latest packet has been handled.<<

so you're using non-blocking sockets
make the server thread-blocking
akbAuthor Commented:
Thanks Lee.  That may help a little, but it doesn't overcome my first problem and lack of experience.

I'd really like to find an add-on that will handle the socket for me.
Have you tried the Indy components? (they come with Delphi6 and can also be downloaded from http://www.nevrona.com/indy/)

Check out their examples in using threads... there you will see how they create new threads to handle each request simultaneously.

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akbAuthor Commented:
Thanks DragonSlayer.  The Indy components look like they may be useful.  I have downloaded them and will try them out shortly.

This component is what you need:

Good Luck!

akbAuthor Commented:
Thanks freshman3k.  I'll take a look at these components as well.
if you're going to use indy then take a look at some of my helper functions @ http://lee.nover.has.his.evilside.org/isapi/pas2html.dll/pas2html?File=/delphi/MiscFiles/vn_common/
akbAuthor Commented:
Thanks Lee Nover.
akbAuthor Commented:
Thanks Lee Nover.
akbAuthor Commented:
I am trying out the Indy components.  I have replaced my old TServerSocket with the Indy TldTCPServer.  And I'm using the OnExecute event instead of the OnClientRead event.

The problem is, I am also caling Apollo database components to look up data in my old DBF files.  As soon as I call the Apollo Seek component, I get an error box about 30 times and no returned data.  The error is:

Data Driver Error
Invalid work area

I am happy to increase the points for help on this problem.
this kinda doesn't fit into the current topic
but still .. I think it's coz the OnExecute event of the server is in the context of the AThread param
so you should do smth like: AThread.Synchronize(DoApolloStuff);
akbAuthor Commented:
Thanks Lee.  I know this is off the thread, but I am willing to pay points for help.

I am calling my procedure with:

When I compile I get:
[Error] main.pas(866): Incompatible types: 'TThreadMethod' and 'procedure, untyped pointer or untyped parameter'

Also, can I make GetMemberDetals a function and return a result from it?

no you can't
make it a parameterless procedural handler

make one global variable - MemberID (to the owning object)
then in the GetMemberDetails procedure handle the necessary things

an example from one of my apps :

procedure TPreviewF.tcpCommExecute(AThread: TIdPeerThread);
var Header: TCommHeader;
     if not GetHeader(AThread.Connection, Header) then

     // LastCL and LastHeader are global variables

procedure TPreviewF.DoCommExecute;
var CurrThread: TidPeerThread;
    Header: TCommHeader;
     // here I assign the global variables to the procedures local variables
     HandleRequest(CurrThread.Connection, Header);
akbAuthor Commented:
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

I will give the points for this question to DragonSlayer as he answered the original question and I am using the Indy components.

I will post a new question in order to give you points, Lee Nover.  What do you consider to be a reasonable number for your help?

PS. is Lee Nover your real name or is it a made up name like Ben Dover or Ilene Dover?

akbAuthor Commented:
Lee Nover, please see above comment
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