How to identify which service is running on which port?


I need to identify the list of all the services and the ports they are using on both Windows and Linux operating systems.  Is there any utility/tool for doing this?

thanks in advacne,

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SunBowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
(in short, same product set is most likely:)

"When simultaneously running Web services in Application Developer and running UDDI Registry, as we do for this article, conflicts arise, as both instances of WebSphere Application Server 4.0 attempt to use the same set of IP ports. Fortunately, it is quite easy to configure the Application Developer WebSphere Test Environment to eliminate the port conflict by editing the WebSphere Application Server 4.0 configuration file named server-cfg.xml."
If it is Win NT - 2K use the tool pslist.exe from the PSTools you will find here
venkat2000120699Author Commented:
psservice.exe is showing the list of all services.  But it is not showing the ports locked by them.
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a) puList
>  all the services and the ports they are using

b) I am sorry, but not all services use ports. There seems to be some misunderstanding.
c) netstat
netstat -n
netstat -a
(prepare for scrolling)
d) note, that the latter provides info on the remote, regardless of OS, whether VMS, Unix, MAC, linux, Sun, Apple, AMD or Intel, etc
venkat2000120699Author Commented:
None of them is showing service-port mapping.  When I tried to start WebSphere Single Server, it is giving error, saying "port 900 is in use.  Stop the service which is using that port.".  I have tried to stop all the services except some minimal required ones.  But it didn't workout.  If there is any utility that lists the service-port mapping, I can know which service is using port 900, and stop it.  Any suggestions?
If companies would behave, and use the Standards appropriately, or permit decent systems management (real info) then documentation can help, such as:

Which shows:

omginitialrefs  900/tcp    OMG Initial Refs
omginitialrefs  900/udp    OMG Initial Refs
 "900 tcp udp omginitialrefs OMG Initial Refs "
"Figure 2. After clicking the Ports tab in the server configuration editor, this panel opens. Use this panel to change port numbers."

ans: WebSphere Application Server -

"You must change all the port numbers except for the Object level trace port. If your production WebSphere Application Server 4.0 is installed with the default port numbers (as it will be if you use the UDDI Registry installation process), simply add 2 to the other ports -- i.e. change 9000 to 9002, 7000 to 7002, 9070 to 9072 and 900 to 902."
SunBowCommented: :

"- There is already an well-known port number assigned to Christian Callsen <>:

omginitialrefs  900/tcp    OMG Initial Refs
omginitialrefs  900/udp    OMG Initial Refs"
Or you can run a port scanner on that box. THat would give you all the open ports. superscan is a good one

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