linux >->proxy->firewall->FTP

how can i upload the files on remote server...

i am behind the firewall ..

i tried curl but its not working... :o(

any suggestions ?

Thnaks in advance

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comotaiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

ACTUALLY, you need to get pftp running on your development server NOT the web server, because from the information that you have given it is the machine behind the firewall. pftp = proxy ftp client (not server)

Also, just because you are accessing a machine via SSH does not mean that you can not run X apps remotely ( as long as they are installed) just get a free windows based X server and do an;

export DISPLAY="" ; netscape &

from your SSH terminal.. if you get your X server set up right on your windoze box and change the above IP to the correct IP then you should be able to fire up X apps like netscape and the like.

I hope this steers you in the right direction.

Most people have Netscape installed on the system nowadays. Load up Netscape
and go to the Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Proxies .. put in the correct Proxy
information and get it where you can browse pages correctly (If you can not then
your proxy/network settings are wrong or the proxy is not running)


ftp://<insert remote username>@<insert remote IP or DNS name>

Netscape will prompt you for your password. Once you are logged in and in the
correct location you want to upload the file go to File -> Upload file ..  The rest
should be easy.

There are other applications (e.g. pftp - ptelnet) that are designed to work behind
a firewall seamlessly which you might want to look into for long term use. You could
also use transparent proxing if you are the administrator of the system/systems but
that requires kernel complilation and system know-how which is beyond most

I wish you good luck.
lokeshvAuthor Commented:

first i m accessing my devlopment server(No X windows) through SSH from windows machine...

at this time.. i have to transfers the files to my windows machine then i upload it remote server( some hosting company server) .

i just want to upload the files to hosting server directly from my devlopment server...

i cant run pftp ..on web hosting server i guess...

hope now u know what i want excalty...


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if you still have ssh in use, why not using scp ?
lokeshvAuthor Commented:

how can i do that with scp ?
Note: its a remote server and my devlopment server is bhind the firewall...


i downloaded the src from and installed that on my devlopment server, inmanual it says its a server..not the client..

where i m rong ?

yeha no X installed on my devlopemnt server..( can i install X now ? without reinstalling the whole Linux , its Mandrake 8.1)

but i wld i like to go for pftp option if it works... :o)


scp file user@remote-server:/dir/where/to/place/file
#or the other way around
scp user@remote-server:/dir/where/to/place/file file

Firewalls needs to allow port 22, and remote-server must run sshd.
lokeshvAuthor Commented:
what abt my proxy server and proxy authorization ?

> what abt my proxy server and proxy authorization ?
hat do you mean?
You have to check if your proxy forwards port 22, about "proxy authorization", you probably know how to do it
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lokeshv, did you go with the browser suggestion?
or is this a grading by EE?
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