Win2K error.

I'm using Win2K server.

I encoutered this error lately. Can you please provide me the reason why is this happen & what are the
solutions. thank you.

The run-time environment has detected an inconsistency in its internal state. Please contact Microsoft
Product Support Services to report this error. Error in .\stathred.cpp(1178), Not enough storage is
available to process this command.

:MsgWaitForMultipleObjects failed in WaitForWork

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jatcanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Copied this directly from another board:

Q. I get the error "Not enough server storage is available to process this command".

A. This problem may be due to the machines having a non-zero PagedPoolSize in the registry. This can be set by performing the following:

Log onto the server as an Administrator
Start the registry editor (regedit.exe)
Move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management
Double click on PagedPoolSize and set to 0
Click OK
Close the registry editor
Reboot the machine
If PagedPoolSize is 0 then it allows NT to dynamically allocate memory, the installation of software such as ARCServe is known to cause this problem.

This can also be caused when accessing a Windows NT Server share from a Windows NT client if IRPstackSize is too small. To correct try the following:

Log onto the server as Administrator
Start the registry editor (regedit.exe)
Move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters
Double click on IRPstackSize
Increase the value. Valid ranges are between 1 and 12. Click OK
Reboot the machine.
You may find once setting this, other connections, such as those to NetWare volumes, gain a performance boost.

Make sure you have sp2 installed and also use the tool IISRESET -  from the command line iisreset /?
or you could try a windows 2000 system repair and if that does not fix it reinstall IIS.
my8817Author Commented:
Is that mean this error is caused by the IIS? can you briefly explain a litte bit about this error source?

thank you very much.
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Take a look under

HKEY_LocalMachine\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\

What are the values for


What other notable pieces of software are installed on this machine (i.e. Backup programs)
Upgrade to service pak 2 and then apply the Post Service Pak fixes (I'll find the links and post them)

I found this on MS...

Event 11 (1178) Causes SNA Server to Fail Abnormally (Q135355)

The information in this article applies to:

Microsoft SNA Server, versions 2.0 , 2.1 , 2.11 , , on platform(s):
the operating system: Microsoft Windows NT


When a Local APPC LU / Remote APPC LU partnership is defined in the SNA Server configuration file, SNA Server automatically negotiates the parallel session limit with the remote system when the connection that owns the Remote APPC LU is started. This negotiation occurs over an SNASVCMG mode session between these APPC LUs, using the Change Number of Sessions (CNOS) command as defined by IBM SNA architecture.

When a large number of APPC LUs are configured in SNA Server and SNA Server is started, SNA Server builds the SNASVCMG mode BIND messages and CNOS commands for all these LU/LU/mode partnerships and queues them internally until they can be processed. If there are so many partnerships that the internal SNA Server queue becomes exhausted, SNA Server logs the following event in the Windows NT application event log:

Event 11 (1178) Initialization Failure
1178 = Insufficient resources for automatic session limit negotiation
After this error occurs, the SNA Server service terminates.

SNA Server interprets this condition as a fatal error, causing the SNA Server service (SNASERVR.EXE) to generate an SNA Server dump file.

You can correct this problem by installing an SNA Server 2.11 fix that is now available. This fix reduces the severity of the error so that SNA Server attempts to recover from the condition, rather than failing. Microsoft has updated the file SNASERVR.EXE to correct this problem.

To work around the problem without installing the fix:

Reduce the number of APPC LU partnerships.

Using the SNA Server Admin program, select each Local APPC LU, choose the Partners button, and delete any LU/LU/mode partnerships that are not being used. When the Enable Automatic Partnering checkbox is selected on an APPC LU or Mode, this can cause extra LU/LU partnerships that are not intended.

Reduce the number of automatically activated sessions.

Within the SNA Server APPC mode definition, the Automatic Activation Limit can be configured to automatically bind a specified number of LU6.2 sessions when the connection is started. Automatically starting an LU6.2 session ahead of time makes the session immediately available for an LU6.2 conversation. However, the overhead necessary to start an LU6.2 session is often negligible, so automatic session activation is often unnecessary.

Reducing the automatic activation limit will reduce the number of BIND messages that SNA Server will queue internally.

Defer CNOS processing until sessions are needed.

The SNA Server service can be configured to defer the APPC LU CNOS processing until the LU sessions are actually requested by APPC applications. This feature can be enabled using the following registry entry:
This setting will cause SNA Server to defer CNOS processing until an APPC application allocates a conversation over an APPC LU pair.
If the service pak and post fixes resolve your situation, then give the points to Shekerra. I just noticed your post shekerra. Didn't mean to step on your toes...
you gave a wonderfully elaborated response to my8817's question - my8817 if jetcan's response works - please award the point sto jetcan :)
Also, there are a couple of HOTFIXes for Win2K and Service pak2 that are NOT available for download on the MS MUST call them for those fixes and they will only supply them after verifying that you are suffering from exact symptoms related to the fix. The reason they hold back these types of fixes is because they ARE error specific and not a general fix for all implementations of the OS....

PS:Thanks Shekerra.
ummm, uninstall IIS ??? Install bare without IIS?
Am having many tools now say they require IIS. Why? One ponders. Most these upgrade requirements are to continually apply 'fix' for IIS.  I run MS' new Security check proggie. To check that patches were installed I need another 30+MB HD, IIS, and network connectivity to enable it (and if I wasn't patched a worm would knock me down). So I again ask, why IIS, anyway?
my8817Author Commented:
The server is with SP2 and some Pre-SP3 already.  IISRESET is just an alternative to reset the IIS; using command line.  
I can’t remove the IIS and install it back, coz I have several server settings that might be affected if I reset or reinstall it.

is there any other alternatives?

I'll get back to you with those values. Please tell me why you're asking for it?
It's a long shot, but there's a chance that an application (Arcserve is one culprit) has modified Windows 2Ks memory management settings forcing it to use specific values rather than the default dynamic settings.

It probably isn't related to your problem, but it's worth checking.
TO Sunblow:

You said,"So I again ask, why IIS, anyway? "

I say Why NOT?

If I search on for apache or squid or sendmail exploits I will find a few hundred of them. If I go to ANY linux/Unix distribution site I will find hundreds of errata on Security holes within these apps and more that NEED to be applied or security could possibly be breached. MS is no different in the fact that they aren't perfect.

Only difference between Unix and MS, as far as security goes is that if you find a hole in *nix you can write a patch for it yourself(providing you have that expertise-if you are not skilled enough tne you have to rely on a developer just like any MS user would) so my point here is; why are you constantly bashing MS products on this board? Just curious, you go ahead and bash away if you like, I'm just wondering why you are so negative towards an OS that has mad leaps and bounds in the stability, security and compatibility areas? I gurantee you that Win2k supports wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more devices than any *nix flavor and most of them are Newer devices where *nix has MOST of it's support on older devices. Not that I am against *nix, when there was no Win2k(only NT4) I would agree with you. *nix was better back then. NT has come into it's on and it is a secure, stable and highly scalable environment. I like *nix. I run RH6.2 on one of my boxes at home and would NEVER go without having a *nix box. But Win2K rocks dude!
> Event 11 (1178) Causes SNA Server to Fail Abnormally (Q135355)

er, how many networks and protocols have you got running, anyway? Really running SNA? 3270? LU's PU's? IIS?

Consider, that you may have now too many applications all running on one box, such that putting up another server for some of them is warranted.
my8817Author Commented:
I'm not running SNA on the server, so i guess those that related to SNA doesn't work ..

another q... what should be the value of

      Session Manager\Memory Management\

      Value: NonPagedPoolQuota
      Value: PagedPoolQuota
      Value: PagedPoolSize
      All 0 hexidecimal dword
my8817Author Commented:
thanks jatcan though still can't figure out what's the real problem.. Anyway, your effort is highly appreciated.
Keep up then.
done? (i assume it worked, but ???)

given ArcServe comment, if using it, you might want to consider alternative... after a rebuild, of course. I'm hearing better about Veritas lately, btw
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