.NET : multithread file access ?

Hi all,

I am experiencing the following problem with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and I could certainly use some help from the experts..

I have a multithreaded webserver which writes it's requests to the access log. Sometimes (1 out of 1000) the data is not appended correctly. I think this is because two threads are trying to write at the same moment.
I tried some thing with locking, and I saw that there is also a .Lock method, but I couldn't figure out how to use it. Could someone please tell me some more about how to prevent another thread from writing to the file at the same time? The other threads will have to wait until one has finnished; they should not create any error.

I awarded 200 points to this question because I need the answer quite fast!

This is how I access my file:

                                        fs = New IO.FileStream("f:\access.log", IO.FileMode.Append, IO.FileAccess.Write, IO.FileShare.Write)
                                    Catch e As Exception
                                        LogErrorMessage(CStr(Now) & " - " & e.Message & " (" & e.Source & ")")
                                    End Try

                                    If Not fs Is Nothing Then
                                        SyncLock CurThread
                                                fs.Write(System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(Temp), 0, Temp.Length)
                                            Catch e As Exception
                                                ' error
                                                LogErrorMessage(CStr(Now) & " - " & e.Message & " (" & e.Source & ")")
                                            End Try
                                        End SyncLock
                                            ' ignore
                                        End Try
                                    End If
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rkot2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
found some info in msdn :

Sharing resources between threads is a frequent necessity in multithreaded programming. Multiple threads may need to access a shared database, for instance, or make updates to a set of system variables. When more than one thread simultaneously competes for access to shared resources, the possibility of a race condition occurs. A race condition exists when a thread modifies a resource to an invalid state, and then another thread attempts to access that resource and use it in the invalid state. Consider the following example:

' Visual Basic
Public Class WidgetManipulator
Public TotalWidgets as Integer = 0
Public Sub AddWidget()
   TotalWidgets += 1
   Console.WriteLine("Total widgets = " & TotalWidgets.ToString)
End Sub
Public Sub RemoveWidgets()
   TotalWidgets -= 10
End Sub
End Class

// C#
public class WidgetManipulator
   public int TotalWidgets = 0;
   public void AddWidget();
      Console.WriteLine("Total widgets = " + TotalWidgets.ToString());
   public void RemoveWidgets();
      TotalWidgets -= 10;
This class exposes two methods. One method, AddWidget, adds 1 to the TotalWidgets field and writes the value to the console. The second method subtracts 10 from the value of TotalWidgets. Consider what would happen if two threads simultaneously attempted to access the same instance of the WidgetManipulator class. One thread might call AddWidget at the same time that the second thread called RemoveWidgets. In that case, the value of TotalWidgets could be changed by the second thread before an accurate value could be reported by the first thread. This race condition can cause inaccurate results to be reported and can cause corruption of data.

Preventing Race Conditions by Using Locks
You can protect critical sections of your code from race conditions by employing locks. A lock, represented by the Visual Basic keyword SyncLock Statement, or the C# keyword lock Statement, allows a single thread of execution to obtain exclusive execution rights on an object. The following example demonstrates locks:

' Visual Basic
SyncLock MyObject
' Insert code that affects MyObject.
End SyncLock

// C#
lock MyObject
   // Insert code that affects MyObject.
When a lock is encountered, execution on the object specified (MyObject in the previous example) is blocked until the thread can gain exclusive access to the object. When the end of the lock is reached, the lock is freed and execution proceeds normally. You can only obtain a lock on an object that returns a reference. A value type cannot be locked in this fashion.
i am still playing with .net locking but
you can use application.lock and application.unlock

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