Quick Report & Page numbers

I have a report that uses a sysdata field to display the page number.

Can I ret this page number to start from a different page. Eg. the first page will come out as page 10.
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trex_fireConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Define a int var and use a label and print the page number you want (IntToStr(MyIntVar)).  At new page, increase your var.
Do you mean start printing on page 10 or make the first page say 'Page 10'?

If you want to make the first page say 'Page 10' you will have to take the page # and add 10.
chunky1Author Commented:
I would like to start printing at 10 and then let quick report carry on 11,12,13 and so on.

chunky1Author Commented:
Trex fire,
      I have accepted your answer and implemented it.

However I was hoping that Qreport had the ability to do this.

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