CD Track Information

When I record a CD there's options for filling information about volume set identifier, system set identifier and application identifier about each track in the recording program. How can I retrieve those information within a Delphi program?
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ginsonicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
BTW , try to find at or the CDCheck component . I think that can help you to protect your CD .
rafaelriAuthor Commented:
ginsonic, ... what u mean by listenning?! :)
are u waiting for me to explain better? or waiting someones answer?! :)
by the way, I need this for a cd copy protection.
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For moment don't have any idea and wait another comments for others experts .

Maybe this interesting you ?

How can I get the serial number of an Audio CD?
The cd may or may not have a serial number and/or Universal Product
Code embedded in the cd. The MCI Windows extension does provide this
functionality through the MCI_INFO_MEDIA_IDENTITY command. This
command will return a unique ID string consisting of 16 hexadecimal

This is just a snap from full tip . I will put all here if interesting you .

Or take a look at answer2 (GetVolumeInformation) from :
rafaelriAuthor Commented:
ok, I just didn't understand what u meant by listenning! :)) sorry!
let me explain what I was trying to do, I want to make a cd protection scheme. I thought about something like that: I the recording process there are fields on the track like that. I was wondering how could I read those fields so I could put something like a serial on it and the program would check for it, of course it would only work if someone tried to make a copy of the cd without making an ISO but that's enough for what I need! by the way, I'm gonna check the link! tks!
rafaelriAuthor Commented:
I've seen madshi commenting something about GetVolumeInformation returning different things in 9X and NT.
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Thanks everyone.
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rafaelriAuthor Commented:
ginsonic... any ideas?!
Nope,sorry :(
If you wish to delete this question to refound your points ...

Maybe, will be able to help next time.

rafaelriAuthor Commented:
Hey ginsonic, I had an idea and it worked very well. I record the CD in 3 sessions, cause I've noticed that everytime you record a new session it raises the size of the previous session. So when I record the second session I get the size of the first and then I add a file on a third session that is the size of the first. It isn't any super-protection but works for me! so if anytime you need a simple protection :)
What happening when use a copy-CD progam? Can get n identical copies .
rafaelriAuthor Commented:
Yeah, you get identical copies, but if you try to update the database on it you'll need to record it again and the serial for the sessions isn't going to be valid
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