Exchange 2k migration wizard and exmerge fail

Here is my setup. I have on domain A, an NT Server with exchange 5.5 and I'm trying to move the  mailbox data to domain B, to an exchange 2000 box.

Both the migration wizard and exmerge fail. The migration wizard has the following error in the app log in event viewr:

mailbox could not be found in the target directory with the address 'x500:/o=KEI/ou=KEIC/cn=Recipients/cn=popM'.

When I use exmerge to migrate the data, it generates the following:

[11:35:25] Using attribute 'PR_MESSAGE_DELIVERY_TIME' for date operations.
[11:35:25] Merging data into target store. The program will copy only those messages that do not exist in the target store.
[11:35:25] Associated folder data will NOT be copied to the target store.
[11:35:25] Using 'English (US)' (0x409) as the default locale (Code page 1252)
[11:35:25] All mailboxes will be processed, regardless of locale
[11:35:25] Initializing worker thread (Thread0)
[11:35:25] Copying data from mailbox 'Pop, M' ('POPM') on Server 'KEICORPXCH02' to file 'C:\EXMERGEDATA\POPM.PST'.
[11:35:25] Error opening message store (MSEMS). Verify that the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is running and that you have the correct permissions to log on. (0x8004011d)
[11:35:25] Errors encountered. Copy process aborted for mailbox 'Pop, M' ('POPM').
[11:35:25] Number of items copied from the source store for all mailboxes processed: 0
[11:35:25] Total number of folders processed in the source store: 0
[11:35:25] 0 mailboxes successfully processed. 1 mailboxes were not successfully processed. 0 non-fatal errors encountered.
[11:35:25] Process completion time: 00:00:00

I have the appropriate permissions set on both servers so I don't what else could be. Thanks.
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I found this article on this error, hope it helps.

The information in this article applies to:
 - Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server
In Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack 1 (SP1), a "Migrate from Microsoft Exchange
5.5" option is available. You can also migrate a user account from a command
line. If you migrate a user account to Active Directory with a tool such as the
Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT), and then give that user account an
Exchange 2000 mailbox, command-line migration may not work, and the following
warning and error messages may be logged in the Exchange 2000 Application event
   Event Type: Error
  Event Source: MSExchangeMig
  Event Category: None
  Event ID: 13002
  Date: 2/19/2001
  Time: 6:44:25 PM
  User: N/A
  Computer: <server_name>
  Description: A mailbox could not be found in the target directory with the
  address 'smtp:<user>@<domain>.com'.
   Event Type: Warning
  Event Source: MSExchangeMig
  Event Category: None
  Event ID: 15000
  Date: 2/19/2001
  Time: 6:44:13 PM
  User: N/A
  Computer: <server_name>
  Description: The mailbox for user '<user>' already exists, and may have
  been created during a previous migration. Check for duplicate mail.
This problem can occur because command-line mode migration matches X500 address
only, unlike wizard-mode migration, which matches security identifier (SID),
X500 address, or both.
To work around this problem, add a source X500 e-mail address to the new account
in Active Directory. If you do so, command-line migration then finds the
existing account and migrates mail to the new mailbox. You can either use script
to add an X500 address to users, or add an X500 address manually. To manually
add an X500 address:
1. In the Active Directory Users and Computers Microsoft Management Console
  (MMC) snap-in, open the properties of a user that you want to add an X500
  address to.
2. Click the E-mail Addresses tab.
3. Click New, and then click Custom Address.
4. In the "E-mail address" box, paste the "Obj-Dist-Name" from the mailbox
  object in the Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Exchange Server Administrator
  program (Raw mode).
5. In the "E-mail type" box, type "X500" (without the quotation marks).
6. Click OK twice.
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server.
Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information here in the
Microsoft Knowledge Base when it becomes available.
For additional information about command-line migration control file parameters
and samples, see the Exchange 2000 Server Help (Exadmin.chm).
mpopalAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment. I've searched kb at the ms support site and the newsgroups. I haven't found anything so far that answers my problem. I found the same article that you pointed out, but the problem with that is that I would have to manually add that to all 500+ email accounts. I don't find that as a valid fix. I might as well use exmerge to export all mailboxes to pst's then use outlook to import them in the new mailbox. I've also found ms docs that pointed to permissions. But permissions isn't the problem either. Thanks.
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I have recently used exmerge, to move data from one 5.5 box to another box running 5.5. I used two part merge, and transfered pst files manually between the two boxes. Second part of merge would not run on new box even with mail users created, until there was actually a message existing for each user. I got round it be sending a welcome message to full company distribution list. Initial error message I got was similar to yours, so I suspect that you have the same problem on 2000, seems it needs an entry in the datastore for each mailbox, not just in the directory before it will merge data in.
mpopalAuthor Commented:

Unfortunately, that's not the case for me. For example, my account on the new server has several mail items and it still fails. Thanks for the suggestion.
I had migrated From Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 almost a year back. I used exmerge and transfered all the mailboxes. Initially I had similar problems. Can you let me know whether you have NT server PDC and Windows 2000 server (exchange 2000) as member server to the NT server PDC or You had installed Exchange server 2000 in a Windows 2000 server domain controller. I can be of help if you give me further details on this.

George Vijay
mpopalAuthor Commented:
I figured out what my problem was. It was permissions. I thought I  made sure I had security set up correctly on both sides, but I had missed a couple of things. Here is what fixed my problem.

Used an account that had service account admin rights on the source exchange 5.5 server.

On the destination exchange 2000 server, I had to assign the account I was using into the Exchange domain servers group. Those were the two items I was missing. Thanks for all your help.

Ha! It is always the service account. That is rule number one in the documentation. Don't you just love it? Read the documentation. I promise I won't tell anyone <g>.
Oh guys, I just love you all. I've been battling this problem for some weeks now. These stupid errors don't even point in this directory (security!). Who would have thought......

Thanks for solving my problem too. If I could give you some points, I would!
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