How can I get a list of ip addresses on my local pc?

I want to be able to get a list of the ip addresses for ll of the NICs in my pc. Currently I have 2 NICs in my pc. The ip address for 1 is fixed,, the other ip address is set by dhcp and not stable.
I know I could shell out to IPCONFIG and redirect the output to a file and parse it out to get the ip addresses. But this doesn't seem like a good solution to me.
Any ideas?
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Why not use a Winsock control, set the port on it and do something like:
Text1.Text = Winsock1.LocalIP
Text2.Text = Winsock1.LocalHostName
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chaos_59Author Commented:
Rich, I am using a winsock control. But I am using 2 network cards (NICs). The winsock control returns the ip address of only one of the network cards. I tried setting one of the winsock controls to the ip address of one of the cards, hoping that the other winsock control would default to the 2nd network card. But they both returned the same ip address.
Why don't you just set the IPs in the winsock control once you have determined the IPs using the sample given by Richie...???

chaos_59Author Commented:
I want to be able to get a list of IP addresses. I know what MY ip addresses are now, one is fixec, but the other could change within the week. I don't want to have to change the application every time my ip address changes. Also, if I move this application to another pc I don't want to have to reconfigure it. It's just a lot cleaner if the application can find the correct ip address without having any user intervention.
chaos_59Author Commented:
Thanks Richie,
I would have preferred a simpler solution to this. I don't really like api programming, but I'll take what I can get.
Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
Sometimes, there is no other way that API's way (thanks to God that they exist ;). Unfortunately, some goals are impossible with vb "standard" code.
Thanks for "A" grade!
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