Protecting some fields

I have a document in which a remark can be added by 3 people in 3 different fields.Now I want the comment added by 1 can be read by 2 and comment added by 2 can be read by 3 but not vice-versa.1 can read rest of the data in the doc but not the comment added by 2 or 3.If 3 allows then only 1 can read comments added by 2 & 3.
My problem s even if I hide the field when 1 goes to doc properties the hidden fields will also be visible.

I thought of encryption of the fields as a way but that would increase a lot of administrative overhead.
Can anybody suggest a way to stop the data from being seen in the document properties.
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The best bet would be to to use encryption keys.  Cause the document property reveals everything even if you hide the fields.

Now, if its only edits then you could better use access controlled sections but...this is for read so, you gotta go for encryption keys.

Create  encryption keys and distribute it accordingly.
Create field named secret encryption keys field to populate the keys by the user accordingly. The best way to secure field data.

Good Luck!
Here is a tip.

Create additional form called "frmComments" (Response)
With fields, Comments (RichText), DocAuthors(Authors), DocReaders(Readers)

Whenever user enters a comment, use the frmComments and stamp DocAuthors and DocReaders with appropriate usernames.Mostly DocAuthors will be the current user and DocReaders would be the next user who has to read the comment.

So in total for each Main document, there will be 3 frmComments form as response.

Advantage, no need to maintain encryption keys. But still control the access to the data by using readers field.

If you need more details let me know.

sampaAuthor Commented:
Sorry folks for wasting ur precious time but got some info to give.When u make an .ntf of ur db and then create another db and replace the design with the existing .ntf, then the document properties are not visible.
But while replacing design the lotus script & formulas have to be unchecked.

Thanks for the help.
Both Hemanth & Arunkumar ur suggestions have been helpful for me.
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You are right.  The fields wont be visible if you hide design from users...

But still you can write a lotusscript on the document to extract the field name and its values clearly if you dont encrypt the field content !!!

Just saving my comments you see!

Glad that you found a solution.

I don't know about the policy of your company. But most of the companies do not encourage the use of Hiding design. If your client allows then no one is stopping you from doing that.

Here in this forum, check how many people wanted a solution for getting back design which was hidden by this method. In R4, there was a back door so everyone got through it, in R5... you have to live with that.

So use it cautiously !!!
sampaAuthor Commented:
Yah u r right Hemanth.It's not for my company but for a project I am working on.
Actually the client wants the code also.We r going to put forward all solutions n they will decide what is the best way they want to work around it.
I too think encryption is the best way to work around it.If that is not accepted the .nsf and .ntf will be given for them to go across the same process which I did.
Good luck then !
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