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I'm new to Linux and therefore I really don't know what I'm doing. But hey! I have to learn and what better way then by trial and error. I just started using it a few weeks back on and off. I like it but there is just one question I have about it. How do I do updates like the way Windows does its updates? I went the Mandrakes website but it is waaaayyyy to confusing for me! Can somebody help?
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dorwardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To quote the website:

A graphical update utility called MandrakeUpdate is installed on your Mandrake Linux desktop. All you have to do is launch MandrakeUpdate to update your system through the GUI utility. The program lets you choose your FTP server within a list of server mirror. Then it fetches each update you have to make and lets you choose those you really need. In Mandrake Linux 8.x+, MandrakeUpdate has been replaced by the Software Manager. You can view the Software Manager  demo  here.
As of version 8.0 "Mandrake Update" was replaced with the "Software Manager" on the desktop.
jimwasson: That's what I just said :)
Sorry -- old age.
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