Activex Document problem.

I have created a very simple ActiveX Document that will
require IE to view it. I have used IE to view it without any problem.

But when I used another PC to view it, the IE opened up
save as dialog box.

How do I make other PS to view it just like I did in my IE ?

I did use package & deployment wizard to make internet package out of it.
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bruintjeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi tanc02,

here's a good starting point, but beware ActiveX documents have never catched on for real so support maybe likewise just a note

Hi Tanc02,

have you checked if the IE settings(security etc..) and version are the same on the target machine?

tanc02Author Commented:
what do you mean by version ?
How do I get it ?
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i meant the IE version is that the same? not that it's that important checked the settings?

is this ActiveX using any other related dll's like ADO it could be a versioning problem in there.

but i would first check if the browser settings are the same
tanc02Author Commented:
yes, the browser settings are the same.
It does not have any other dlls.
It is a very very very simple ActiveX Document.
tanc02Author Commented:
Do you have any tutorial on the web that will show me how
to do it step by step ???
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