How to get clicked column of Nested Datawindow

Hello Experts
I need some help for the following point.
I want to open new report based on the clicked column of nested report. Can any one help me "How can I get clicked column of nested (inner) dw".

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Hi Shanker,

We know that to get the columnname or clicked column number from the report (Nested report) is not possible. Because the PB set the taborder to 0 for all Child datawindows and DWChild have no properties.

You wrote like OLAP.

Sometime in OLAP user clicked on some column in report and then open a new small box for the further information.

Shanker as we know to get the column name or number from nested report is...

So I think it easy and usefull to do following:

We can know that user on with datawindowchild clicked.

IF = "d_proj_dwname" THEN
    li_col = INTEGER(ldwc_a.DESCRIBE("datawindow.Column.Count"))
    FOR li_count = 1 TO li_col
             ls_tag = ldwc_a.DESCRIBE("#" + STRING(li_count) + ".Tag") //Write in the TAG
    lb_1.Visible = TRUE
    lb_1.BringToTop = TRUE

AND SO ON: for other datawindowchild

From the list box can clicked with the detail text where user want to go.

Please let me know your opinion.

Best regards

Hello Shanker,

Say dw_1 is the datawindow contain further two datawindows. (So dw_1. is nested report datawindow) and the dws placed in this dw_1 are the child datawindows. When we create a nested report we select one or more datawindows, these are the child datawindow. Now PB set the taborder of the columns in the childdatawindows to 0. This mean if you clicked on a such column which taborder is 0 will return 0. So all columns of the childdatawindows will return you 0.

You cannot know which column is clicked. You cant use property in the nested report. Datawndowchild have no event and no property.

As you know well how to create a datawindow dynamically. This may help you.

If you need any explaination please let me know.

Other way: you can put these datawindows in Window instead of nested report. And let the user to click on the column and transfer to the report to print.

Anyhow let me know further.

Best regards.

Hi Jai,

It is also the way you wrote, the script I mntioned is working good. You can now build dws dynamically.
Of course little hard work.

If you need any explainations please let me know. THANKS.

Best regards

pjaishankarAuthor Commented:
Hi Bhatti
Yes, we were using that dynamic building technique for the composite reports (Since from 1999). But now mgmt. says, when ever user clicks on a nested report, according to the clicked column values we have to bring another report. It is similar like drill down reports of Business Objects OLAP tool. But we tried all our ways to get clicked column value of nested report. It always returns clicked object as "nested object name". So, we could not get clicked column name. Is there any way to get clicked column of nested report. Drill down works fine with non-nested reports. Only nested report has this limitation.

If you get any soln. for this pls. fwd me.

Thanks for ur well try

If still u r not satisfied by excellent solution by bhatti...
Instead of having column names (column headers ) of nested DW on the nested DW U can  have them at main datawindow. Arrange them in proper order of allignment.
U can have it in the form of command buttons and cn easily code them
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