Which Processor is better?

Need some input about building my new PC.  I was going to get AMD XP proecssor but fore now wont't be running Windows XP instead Windows 2000 Advanced Server is my choice of operating system.  Maybe in future I would mess with XP. My questions are is AMD XP ok for Windows 2000 and which processor is better AMD XP or Intell P4.  I personally like AMD.  Thanks.
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pjknibbsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My opinion is the opposite of jhance's--I've been using AMD chips since Intel decided to change the Socket 370 pinout (thus making it impossible for me to easily upgrade my Celeron 400 to a socketed P3), and I've found them to be generally stable. The only issue with them is that Windows 2000 does not have built-in drivers for AMD processor chipsets (especially VIA ones), so you must be sure to install the appropriate chipset drivers from the manufacturer's website if you want decent performance and reliability.

As for the "XP" moniker AMD has been putting on their chips, I don't think it means the chip has been specifically enhanced for Windows XP in any way--it's just to differentiate the XP chips from the older Thunderbird core (and the MP multi-processor capable versions).
Etherical question...but I believe the Athlon offers much more bang for the buck. Try:
for the latest benchmark comparisons, then compare prices including mainboards and memory. I think you will agree. T
  I, too, prefer the AMD architecture... and I'm sure that there are millions out there that will argue with us.  However, that's why we have choices!
  To my understanding, the AMD XP is and AMD Athlon processor with Quantispeed, AMD's newest architecture.
  I run my Win2K system (dual boot Pro & AdvSrv) on an AMD Athlon, wihtout the XP, and it runs smooth as beans.

  As far as which processor is truly better?  I've checked around and found that the AMD Athlon XP has a max clock of 1733 on a 266 bus; the Pentium4 runs at a max of 2400 on a 400 bus.  According to that math, Pentium wins... but until I have 2 nearly identical systems running side by side, I'd still say I prefer the AMD.

  That's me.

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The word "better" calls for a value judgement.  A value judgement cannot be given without a basis for making such a judgement.

In other words some might say AMD is "better" because it costs less, others might say Intel P4 is "better" because it's backed by a better company, and on and on and on....

Please provide some critical factors for you and perhaps some better advice can be given.

Personally I prefer Intel P4 since it's been my experience that AMD based systems are unstable.  That may be more a criticism of the specific system vendors who made the AMD based systems but in any case, my experience has been bad with AMD and excellent with Intel P4, P3, P2, and Celeron based systems.

But that is just my OPINION and is based on nothing substantive.
Ryan RowleyCommented:
I tend to go with Jhance on this. I have never had a problem with Intel chips. I have had some problems with AMD chips.  I think you have to decide on what you are going to use your system for. (business or pleasure??)

Intel is the standard for MS compatible systems. Some AMD chips have been less compatible from time to time. Then again I have seen a few AMD do one or two things much better than Intel. Normally involving games.

I'm getting ready to upgrade to Intel's new P4 2600 with 533.  I'm also going to give certain AMD processors a test to see how the newer ones hold up.
I loved my TBird's performance when it was still alive but this weekend the fan stopped on its heatsink and it burned to a crisp despite BIOS being set to shut the system off when overheating.  Unfortunately the thermal detector in Athlons is VERY lousy.  More than a one degree increment per second confuses it so that it doesn't work.  A P4, on the other hand, has excellent heat protection and will idle itself aggressively if the heatsink is outright removed.  Tomshardware had a cool writeup on this a while back.  Anyway, today I get to order a new AthlonXP.
Well, so far the opinion is split 3 to 3 between AMD and Intel.  

I guess we need some more experts to weigh in here before we can come to a resolution.
well i think that AMD XP + 266 Mhz DDR RAM along with a AMD KT333 chipset board will be the best option to buy. It will leave behind P4 with i845 chipset boards way behind.
P4 is worth only if u are palnning to buy it with Intel Original 850D motherboard with costly RD RAM.
Go for AMD u will surely like it.

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tahirrAuthor Commented:
Everybody has given me input only on comparision but  pjknibbs addressed both of my questions (will XP work on win 2k Advsvr).  Now I am pretty much up for AMD XP but want to make sure that it will work on Win 2000.  I still need more input on that.  Like pjknibbs said is XP on AMD chips is just a hype?
Athlons of whatever vintage are Intel x86 compatible CPUs.  Any operating system isn't going to care.  In some rare cases things like video capture devices didn't work well with first generation Athlons because of driver issues.  Otherwise, an Athlon will run any operating system and any software an Intel will run.  I use one with both Win2k and Linux.  Neither operating system cares the least bit what exact CPU you have as long as it is x86 architecture.  Furthermore, pjknibbs didn't say there was any problem, you just have to have a driver disk for whatever Athlon motherboard when using Win2k.
To clarify: I ran Windows 2000 Professional on a Classic Athlon 700 and my current Athlon Thunderbird 1.2GHz for around 2 years before upgrading to Windows XP, and never had a single stability problem. We also have several servers at the office (admittedly, generally development servers rather than mission-critical ones) running Athlons, and we've had no problem with those either.

As I said before, provided you install the right drivers the system will be fine, and that advice applies to ANY processor and motherboard combo, whether Intel, Cyrix, AMD, or even Transmeta.

As I had noted in my original comment, I run Win2K Pro & Server (dual boot) on an AMD Athlon with great success.  

Think of AMD XP like Pentium MMX... new enhancements on top of the old architecture.

In other words, W2K will run just fine on your XP processor.


I've ran Win98, WinME, Win2000 (pro/server/adv server) and different flavours of linux on my Athlons.

It works just the same if not better than an intel chip.

You get more bang for your buck with AMD I think.  I am running an overclocked 1.4gig T-Bird @ 1.6gig.  According to Sysoft Sandra it's running slightly better than a 2gig P4.

For anyone interested, my Sandra CPU Arithmatic Benchmark is:

Dhrystone ALU 4402 MIPS
Whetsone FPU 2188 MFLOPS

Like Jhance and Highstar1, I prefer to work with Intel processor AND Intel chipset.
Too many compatibility problem with AMD ... you need "specific" driver for AGP bus and chipset .... you must install this patch for this game .... you loose your time to install patchs and drivers ...
I think AMD processor are goods but too many chipset possible ... Via, Sis,Ali and sometimes AMD ... too many combinaison

About upgrade : don't dream same problem  ... many things change :
slot/socket - fsb - memory type ...

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