Dear Experts,
   I am having an outlook express.i need a solution i have to send a single mail to the id which are In out look express.(Not in the Address Book).if i get 10 New mails which i have read i need to send the same message for the 10 Email Ids.

Expecting ur reply
Bye from
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Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
I recommend you upsize points offered (at least total: 50)
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N_K_venkatAuthor Commented:
 i dont have that much of points now
HI N_K_venkat,

can't help the low points of course, but you can do something about your open Q's

-if you still got no answer ask for more feedback OR

-if you got a good suggestion accept the answer

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then we'll try to make this work
P1Network Technician  & ProgrammerCommented:
Hit reply on the first message.
Compose answer.
Highlight and Copy.
Hit Send.
Open next message.
Paste in previous answer.
Hit Send.
Repeat as necessary.

Enjoy your work,  P1
i dont understand your q.

in short. you need to forward every msg to other address?

N_K_venkatAuthor Commented:
I need to send same message to all the candiates in my mail it possible thru Vb .
you could doit in outlook express
create a rule to forward every msg to the address you say.

if you need to doit in vb (would be nice to know why), IMHO you will need to retrieve the messages from your app. but im not expert in that area, maybe you could doit via API or something ... really dunno if it can be done OExpress-VB

Points refunded, to whom did you intend to grant points?  I was only the messenger advising you of open items that needed your attention, I did not provide you with any assistance here on your technical question.
Thank you,
Moondancer - EE Moderator
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