How to access Emails in application???????

Hi All,

Here I would like to know the Email service providers POP3/IMAP addresses , so that we can perform all the functionalities of Email such as Reply, Read, Sen,Forward etc. These functions posible only if we know the POP3 addresses. At present we are working on voice applications using VXML and JSP.
We successfully develop an application which perform all the Email functions. It will work only if know the POP3/IMAP addresses. I want to implement this application to work with Hotmail, Yahoo, Rediff and etc.
Please anybody help us how and where to get the pop3 address of the above mentioned email providers.

Thank You in advance.
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Venci75Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check the java mail extension features, which you can download from
Here is a simple code for how to use it:

     Properties props = new Properties();
     Session session = Session.getDefaultInstance(props,null);
     store = session.getStore("imap");

     folder = store.getFolder("INBOX");;
     Flags flags = new Flags(Flags.Flag.SEEN); term = new, false);
     Message message[] =;
     for(int i =0, n =message.length; i<n; i++){
        System.out.println(i + ": " + message[i].getFrom()[0] + "\t" + message[i].getSubject());

     Properties props = new Properties();
     Session session = Session.getDefaultInstance(props,null);

      MimeBodyPart text=new MimeBodyPart();
      Message message= new MimeMessage(session);
      message.setFrom(new InternetAddress("your@mail"));
      message.setRecipient(message.RecipientType.TO, new InternetAddress("your@mail"));
      Transport transport = session.getTransport("smtp");
      transport.connect("", "", "");

Hi venu,
      I am also in same track, but little far from u. I made one small application for mails. which can do all what u asked. but it's true. It needs Pop3/IMAP address to proceed. and hotmail,rediffmail dont reveal their pop3 address to outsiders. But i beleive, they do after getting some money. I wrote already to all of them, and i am on the way to nego with hotmail people. Rediff people have to reply me yet. Yahoo was free before, but now that also become payable. As soon as i get any news i will let u know.

   Well i need ur help in exploring vxml. I am confused from where to start. I heard a lot about this, and want to explore it by myself.  I came to know about BeVocal, nuance,TellMe and heyAnita. All of them say, they are the leader in this. Can u help me in this way.

 I will be very thank full to u.

Sorry shahnazali,
I didn't read your whole question. That's why I posted this stupid comment. Unfortunately - I can't help you in vxml. May be you should close this question and open a new one with appropriate title and let the others (that are familiar with this) to help you

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vgopaljiAuthor Commented:
Hi Shahnaz,

Thanks for the reply. Please, do send your emailID so that i can write you there.You can also contact me at


thanks venu for quick response . u can write me at

vgopaljiAuthor Commented:
Thnkas for your answer.
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