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Enabling Hibernate will create a hiberfil.sys file in the boot drive. As I have 1GB of RAM, the created file was 1GB in size.

However, this means that now I have very little space left on my boot drive. I have other drives (D:, E:, F:), each with more than 12GB free.

So my question is, is it possible for me to change the location of the hiberfil.sys?

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CrazyOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dragon this free utility will help with the program paths in the registry. I have used it and it does work quite well.

Change Your Address

By  Neil J. Rubenking  
When you install a program in Windows, the system builds a web of connections that makes moving the program very difficult. If disk space constraints force a move, or if adding a new device causes drive letters to change, the system can lose track of essential files. References to the program are stored in shortcuts, INI files, and the system Registry. COA2, an update of our Change of Address utility, tracks down all references to the old address and replaces them with the new address. When the changes are complete, the utility presents you with a list of changes and gives you the option to undo any of them. Note that COA2 does not actually move any files. It reports moves and name changes to the system. This new version offers Windows 2000 support and an improved user interface.
I don't think it can be changed. From what i've read it is hardcoded to %systemdrive% changing this variable is not possible because it is used by Windows.
Hi Dragon. You aren't going to like this.

"Can I change the location of hiberfil.sys under Windows 2K? I'm running Win 2K Pro on a 2G FAT C:
Sorry to be a bearer of bad tidings, but you're out of luck on all counts. Like
the files Boot.ini, NTLDR and Ntdetect.com, Hiberfil.sys has to be in the root
folder of the drive that holds the Windows 2000 boot sector information. In
your case, this is drive C:. Similarly, the system folders Dllcache and Driver
Cache have to be where Windows 2000 Setup installs them."

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About the only work around to this would be not to use Hibernation or move your Program Files folder to a differnt partition if you have not already done so. You can easily change the location where he Program Files folder resides by opening Tweak to the My Computer tab and make changes from the "Special Folders" section. Also since the "Common files" folder (shared files) is usually housed as a sub folder to the Program Files folder and is listed as a specific Special Folder you would also need to change the location of it as well if you intend on moving the entire Program Files folder to a different partition.




Another thougth is that Win2000 allows you to designate where the pagefile.sys is housed.
DragonSlayerAuthor Commented:
Yeah, my pagefile.sys is already located in another drive (I don't use much of the swap file anyway, according to the Performance Monitor).

But due to some hindsight my boot partition was created too small (only 3GB), and changing the path for Program Files is a bit ugly, because I would have to reinstall many programmes (I believe most programmes would have hard-coded their installation path into the registry instead of checking the path of Program Files everytime).

If this is really impossible, CrazyOne, would you like the points or do you think I should delete this Q?

DragonSlayerAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks CrazyOne!

Well, that's better than none, so I'll give you the points :)
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