print function

How to print list box contents ?
plese replay soon.

Thanking you
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AxterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You also might want to check out this link:

The first link I posted is a Generic Printer class, and it shows you how to print a list control content.

The second link is for print a CStringList object.
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You not describe exact your problem. You don't know how to extract strings form list box (GetText( int nIndex, CString& rString ))? Or you don't know how to print some text under Windows? Or you want to print layout with list box.
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unisoftsystemsAuthor Commented:
I have a list box it contanins hundred of function name as a list box items .so i want to take print of those functions
 waiting for replay ....
AlexNekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Do you have a list box in the your program or in a foreign program? I suppose that is a foreign program. I hope that you can get the window handle of this ListBox. Then you can use next messages to determine size and text.

count = SendMessage(
  (HWND) hWnd,              // handle to destination window
  LB_GETCOUNT,              // message to send
  (WPARAM) wParam,          // not used; must be zero
  (LPARAM) lParam          // not used; must be zero

  (HWND) hWnd,              // handle to destination window
  LB_GETTEXT,               // message to send
  (WPARAM) wParam,          // item index
  (LPARAM) lParam          // buffer for items (LPTSTR)

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