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What does this mean? <LINK REL="stylesheet" type="text/css" HREF="style/style1.css">

My company provides Search Engine Optimization. A popular technique that is used is a redirection technique. It's where you will see this link repeadedly inside the HTML code on the index.html page. I would like to understand more about how this works or what this line of code is saying or means.

<LINK REL="stylesheet" type="text/css" HREF="style/style1.css">

1 Solution
This is telling your HTML a CSS (Cascading StyleSheet) to use to format the page.

More information at:


For the newer generation of browsers 5.0+, you can also use:

<style type="text/css">
   @import url(style/style1.css);
The @import format is not recommended because it is not support by many browsers; is buggy in those that do support it, and can crahs some version of Netscrap.

The link format specified is the method of referencing an external stylesheet, and is till the recommended method unles support is for level 6 browsers only.



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