Outlook Express 6 is not receiving

New computer, OS is XP, High Speed Cable. PRIOR to loading MS Office 97 with sp-2, OE6 was working fine with the pop-server, sending, receiving, address book and also Hotmail account. AFTER loading MS Office 97 my Outlook Express is not receiving any pop-server email, although my hotmail is. No problem with sending, either from Hotmail or OE, and no connection problems. How do I fix OE pop-server to receive email?
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EricWestboConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using Outlook 97 with MSN hotmail 2.0 or later, Microsoft has acknowledged a problem with the two working in conjunction.


did you verify your setting and you POP server name in the OE mail account info?
Are you getting an error, or is it not checking email at all?  If it checks email and produces an error, it could be everything from your pop server not being identified, or a missing password.  Have you changed mail servers?  Please give more feedback on your problem.

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Any more feedback on this, or did you resolve the issue?
wjwncproAuthor Commented:
Eric, Thanks for your quick solution, your lead led me to a better understanding for trouble shooting Outlook and was more directly related to my question without having to repeat it.
You get the points, Thanks again.
My pleasure!
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