Why Does PowerBuilder 7.0 Crash Windows 2000?


I have a very small sample PowerBuider program that I wish to build into an executable file.

I tried to do this in the usual way, through the project painter. I select Full build with machine code checked and optimize for speed.

I run PB7.0 on Windows 2000 Pro and when I click on the Build button, PowerBuilder crashes. Most of the time, I get the Windows 2000 message:

"PB70.Exe has generated errors. You will need to restart the program." An error log is being created.
One time, and *only* one time, a filename with the path was displayed. When I performed a search, I was unable to find this file!!

Any thoughts? If I could actually read some sort of error log file, I could figure out more of what's going wrong with this Build.

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pjaishankarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Jim
Try the following.

Copy pbodb*.dll (For ODBC Connection) and pbsyb*.dll (For Sybase Native Driver), ... to your current working directory or windows system32 direcotry and try it.

If again problem, Give the message code and description what you r getting. We will try to find out...?

I don't think that should be happened.

Please copy your PBLs somewhere and then first rebuild the all libraries.

If rebuild is ok. Then try to build your application.

You can also regenerate all objects before builing your application.
You can try to test to build first PBDs.

Check, all files you need for your BUILD are in the same directory.

Please let me know your result.

Best regards

1. You can optimize your libraries and try to build exe.
2. Before bulding exe with machine code, clear your os temp directory. Becz. Machine code build needs lots of space on head disk. Where as pbd build needs less space only.

Can you pls. tell me ur pbl size.


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jnowlinAuthor Commented:
It's a small program. The pbl is only 370Kb in size.
I will apply these suggestions today.

jnowlinAuthor Commented:
Hi Bhatti,
Well, I did what you suggested and I was able to build an executable (emp_info.exe) file. I tried to run it from Windows Explorer and was informed that I forgot to place (include) two of PB7's run-time dll files:
I copied them to the directory in which I was working and, suddenly, this simple application, which connects to a Sybase database just fine when run from the painter, decides it cannot connect to the database! So, the code for the open event of the application - works!
Have I left something out, like another PowerBuilder run-time? All this program uses is a DSN set up in WIN2K to connect to a Adaptive Server Anywhere (.DB) file. The "Test Connection" is successful.
I seem to re-call (barely) something about shared files.

I didn't clear my os temp directory, Jai, as I forgot to do so.

Why would I be able to connect to the database only from within the painter?

Hello Jim,

Writing here some necessary DLLs that needs PB to run. These are runtime libraries.

Name               required for
 ====               ============
 PBVM70.DLL ...........ALL
 PBDWE70.DLL........Datawindow and Datastore
 PBFNT70.INI............Mapping unavailable fonts
 PBLAB70.INI............Labal DW pres. style predefined Forms
 PBTRA70.DLL.........Datastore Connection tracing

But you need is the PBDWE70.DLL for the Datawindows and datastores. There are some more DLLs for Databases, if you have installed also the driver for the Database.

I hope this will help you. I think when you tried to open some window having datawindow or datastore then PB looks for PBDWE70.DLL and may crash the program or return you an error message.

Try with this dll(PBDWE70.DLL) and let me know the result. If you some more information about PB DLLs let me know.

Best regards.

jnowlinAuthor Commented:
I had copied libjcc.dll and PBvm70.dll to this working directory. I added PBODB70.dll and PBSYB13.dll. I tried to launch this little app - IT WORKED!
When I went to access the database, once again, it crashed. So, I went back to PB and thought to myself, maybe if I rebuild it NOW. I rebuilt it and now it works fine.

jnowlinAuthor Commented:
Thank you.

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