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Posted on 2002-04-24
Last Modified: 2012-08-13
Hello there. Here is the problem. I have made a Search button to locate records in a DB. It works fine in my 'Simple Form' project but I cannot do the same for the 'Master Detail Form'project (As you may recognize it is a VB6 wizard generated Form). Please help me!

**************Simple Form********************

Dim dbVideo As Database
Dim rsCustomers As Recordset

Private Sub Form_Load()
Set dbVideo = OpenDatabase("c:\Orders.mdb")
SQLQuery = "SELECT * FROM Customers"
Set rsCustomers = dbOrders.OpenRecordset(SQLQuery)
txtFields(0) = rsCustomers.Fields("CustID")
txtFields(1) = rsCustomers.Fields("Name")
txtFields(2)= rsCustomers.Fields("Phone")
End Sub

Private Sub CustomerSearch_Click()
SQLQuery = "SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE Name LIKE '*" & txtFields(1) & "*'"
Set rsCustomers = dbVideo.OpenRecordset(SQLQuery)
txtFields(0) = rsCustomers.Fields("CustID")
txtFields(1) = rsCustomers.Fields("Name")
txtFields(2)= rsCustomers.Fields("Phone")
End Sub

**************Master-Detail Form********************

Dim rsCustomers As Recordset

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim db As Connection
  Set db = New Connection
  db.Open "Provider = MSDataShape;Data PROVIDER = Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data

  Set rsCustomers = New Recordset
  rsCustomers.Open "SHAPE {select CustID,Name,Phone from Customers} AS ParentCMD APPEND

({select CustID,ProdID,Quantity,Total from Orders } AS ChildCMD RELATE CustID TO CustID) AS ChildCMD", db, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic
  Dim oText As TextBox
  'Bind the text boxes to the data provider
  For Each oText In Me.txtFields
    Set oText.DataSource = rsCustomers
  Set grdDataGrid.DataSource = rsCustomers("ChildCMD").UnderlyingValue
  mbDataChanged = False
End Sub

Private Sub CustomerSearch_Click()
End Sub
Question by:nickos_balabanis
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Expert Comment

ID: 6965450
Why not use the Where clause in
"SHAPE {select CustID,Name,Phone from Customers} AS ParentCMD ..

"SHAPE {select CustID,Name,Phone from Customers WHERE Name LIKE '*" & txtFields(1) & "*'"} AS ParentCMD

Expert Comment

ID: 6965507
Remove this coding,

Private Sub CustomerSearch_Click()
End Sub

And try,

If two procedure are same name, vb will always take the last one. In your case it would have executed the last procedure.


Accepted Solution

Death-Speak earned 300 total points
ID: 6965626
I've used this before:

rsCustomers.Find " [some_field] = '" & strSomeStr & "'"

If its a date replace the 's with #s and if its a number remove the 's.

Hope this helps.

Author Comment

ID: 6968852
Thanks. This is what I wanted! Actually this technique selects all records and points you to the one you search for. My technique selects only the records matching the search criteria.
I improved it a bit. Now it can search using part of the field:
adoPrimaryRS.Find " [some_field] Like '*" & strSomeStr & "*'"

Expert Comment

ID: 6968877
Great! Glad it worked for you.

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