Exporting the Tablespace in Oracle8i

hi all,

    when i am exporting the tablespace from one database to another with the following steps

a)alter tablespace tsp1 read only;

b) exp username/pwd@instance TRANSPORT_TABLESPACE=y TABLESPACES=tsp1 FILE=export.dmp .

I am getting this error

EXP-00044: must be connected 'AS SYSDBA' to do Point-in-time Recovery or Transportable Tablespace import

I have given the dba persmission to my user also.

Thanks in Advance.
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Command line should read

exp 'username/pwd@instance AS SYSDBA' TRANSPORT_TABLESPACE=y TABLESPACES=tsp1 FILE=export.dmp


WHITER99, you may be rather post comment but not answer.

 The problem is :
If you want export tablespaces for transport to another database you must export under SYSDBA. I.e. username must have SYSDBA privilege for this.
You may export under user SYS:
exp sys/passwd@instance as sysdba ......

or grant SYSDBA role to another user
SQL>connect sys/passwd@instance as sysdba;
SQL>grant sysdba to NEWUSER;

and export tablespaces
exp newuser/passwd@instance as sysdba ...........

Hope it helps.

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myexpert2002Author Commented:
hi whiter99,

       You r some extent right, but i accept Yaroslav comment as it is working fine for me.

I have Exported the tablespace successfully, when i am importing the same,

imp user1/pwd1@instance1 fromuser=user2/pwd2@instance2 TRANSPORT_TABLESPACE=y DATAFILES='/d01/t1.dbf' TABLESPACES=tsp1 FILE=export.dmp

I am facing these errors:

import done in WE8ISO8859P1 character set and WE8ISO8859P1 NCHAR character set
IMP-00003: ORACLE error 6550 encountered
ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
PLS-00201: identifier 'DBMS_PLUGTS.NEWTABLESPACE' must be declared
ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
PL/SQL: Statement ignored
IMP-00000: Import terminated unsuccessfully

Thanks in Advance
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If you are importing the tablespace as a user other than 'SYS', create a public synonym for SYS.DBMS_PLUGTS as DBMS_PLUGTS else you would get the errors similar to the following :

import done in US7ASCII character set and US7ASCII NCHAR character set
IMP-00003: ORACLE error 6550 encountered
ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
PLS-00201: identifier 'DBMS_PLUGTS.NEWTABLESPACE' must be declared
ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
PL/SQL: Statement ignored
IMP-00000: Import terminated unsuccessfully

The user should also have dba privilege.

Best regards!
myexpert2002Author Commented:
hi Yaroslav,

    I have created the synonym as u mentioned but i am facing the following error.

import done in WE8ISO8859P1 character set and WE8ISO8859P1 NCHAR character set
. importing SYS's objects into PRAMOD
IMP-00017: following statement failed with ORACLE error 1565:
 "BEGIN   sys.dbms_plugts.beginImpTablespace('DEMO_TS',11,'SYS',1,0,8192,1,10"
 "173001,1,505,5,5,0,50,1,0,0,4226617559,1,0,1753663,NULL,0,0,NULL,NULL); END"
IMP-00003: ORACLE error 1565 encountered
ORA-01565: error in identifying file 'C:/DEMO1.dbf'
ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_PLUGTS", line 1347
ORA-06512: at line 1
IMP-00000: Import terminated unsuccessfully

my datafile is in c:\.

Thanks in Advance,

It looks like the import is failing because the file specified does not exist ( 'C:/DEMO1.dbf' ). Does this file actually exist?

Well With transportable tablesspaces what you do is

1.  Make sure that both databases are exact (if 8i).
2.  run the export command as sysdba for tablespace metadata.

3.  ftp/copy the datafile/datafiles to the database to be imported.

4.  Import the metadata using import as above.  You are getting error because you have not copied the data file., or have copied in any other location.
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