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Is it possible to add an animated picture to a notes navigator screen.  I'm looking to enhance the design of my main navigator by adding motion GIF images to the screen.  Is this possible ???? more points if can be done and working resolution.
Thank You !
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ArunkumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have the gif imported in to the image resource.

Add a page

Import the gif into the page.

And use this page as a navigator you will be able to use the gif animated in your application.

Let know if you have any other requirements...

Are you looking for Web or pure Notes ?
pratiganAuthor Commented:
Hello Arun,
This will work as I am able to establish the gif into a page.  The problem is that the image is not able to be dragged around and placed anywhere... it appears at the end of the page.  Is there any way to set it up to be draqged around and set .???
Thanks !
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pratiganAuthor Commented:
Hello Arun,
The problem is that the background I want to use is a BMP and therefore I am unable to have the text or images overlapping on top of the bitmap background...
Your best bet would be to use a form with layout.

Which meets all your requirements
1. You can drag and position the imported picture inside the layout
2. Place text anywhere on the layout and order the objects accordingly
3. Overlap images...

Add a hidden field called Saveoptions (Computedfordisplay) with default value as "0". And use it as navigator using frameset.

pratiganAuthor Commented:
Hello Hemanth,
Thank you for the input.  This sounds like another alternative approach.  I was able to insert a background image and tab overlay the navigator buttons with a little effort and searching.  I feel I have accomplished what I set out to do.
I have to award the points to Arun as he gave me the initial approach and determination.
Thank you both for your input.
Paul =:)  
pratiganAuthor Commented:
Thank you again for you input.
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