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Hotmail crashes...

Everytime i check my E-mails att www.hotmail.com the explorer-window hangs. I can see my inbox for a few seconds, then it hangs. After 20sec or so it starts working again. But then when i click on a mail it hangs again and i have to wait 20sec again. This happens everytime i click on a "link" within the Hotmail site. It only happens on www.hotmail.com. No other sites...
This is very annoying. Does anyone know what the problem is?
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1 Solution
what level sercuity do you have set?
What virus scan do you use>
What account are you using when you to to the hotmail site?
Perhaps hotmail uses some scripts - I really don't know. But to test try logging in as an administrator and go to the hotmail site...
Also clean out your temporary internet files/history/cookies.
What version of Internet explorer do you have ?

1) Go to Tools, Internet options, General, Delete Temporary Internet Files and Clear History.
2) Go to Tools, Internet options, Advance, Restore Default Setting and Apply.
3) Try upgrading or Re installing IE.

Test hotmail site after every step.

The Above comments from sorgie and shakerra are also fine, but if its from Antivirus then it should effect other sites too.

Tip :-In hotmail options Mail Display Settings of your account Set the messages displayed per page, width of messages read, etc. to show minimuum lines to display Quickly.
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

I've seen this problem before.  I found that simply running a windows update to make sure that all IE patches are installed..
GisslenAuthor Commented:
Security level = custom
No running antivurusprogram.

I'm sure its something else then the security level or an antivirusprogram that's the problem. I'll try "almnjoy20"s idea...
What account are you using when you to to the hotmail site?
Perhaps hotmail uses some scripts - I really don't know. But to test try logging in as an administrator
and go to the hotmail site...
Also clean out your temporary internet files/history/cookies.
GisslenAuthor Commented:
I'm using administrator account.
Cleaned everything.
Tryed installing some windows update fixes.
Still wont work as it should...
I get a blank page when I login to hotmail with my account.
You have other options such as using Outlook Express to download hotmail - see here:
what version of windows and IE are you using?  i've seen lots of problems with IE6/windowsME.  Heck, windowsME is bad enough.  try opera for a fun test.  or it could just be hotmail's problem -- it happens often enough.
GisslenAuthor Commented:
I'm using Win XP pro and IE6
Had the same problem myself because of my privacy settings were set too high...  
Set the privacy setting to default
Set the security setting to default
On the General tab click settings - view files..  Delete all cookies related to hotmail, passport.com
Plus always delete temp and history.. When deleting the temporary internet files remember to check the box 'Delete All Offline Content'.   You might consider downloading a program called 'Cookie Pal'. http:www.kburra.com

This program not only list the current cookies but also IE orphaned cookies;

"Internet Explorer cookies that appear grayed
When viewing cookies for Internet Explorer some cookies may appear grayed. These cookies are stored on your system but are not recognized by Internet Explorer, and hence are orphaned cookies. This can occur if the disk file containing the cookie data has been deleted but the index entry that is maintained by Internet Explorer still exists. It can also occur if the index entry for the cookie has been deleted but the disk file still exists. In both of these cases Internet Explorer will not send any of this cookie data to a web server, but you may want to delete these cookies to free up disk space and tidy your system."

This way everything should be cleaned up.. Next I'd reboot to start out fresh, launch IE - Hotmail and you should get to Hotmail's login page. Be sure to let Hotmail set a cookie!
You can also check your hotmail by using outlook express which could be a way to go if none of the other suggestions seem to help.
I hope you find a solution
GisslenAuthor Commented:
Tried everything.But it still doesn't work...
Did you ever try running IE in safe mode!  I'm just thinking that maybe you have a program running in the background that interferring with hotmail.com when it's trying to set a cookie.  


In IE check the properties - Connections - Settings....   Proxy server settings.   Is there anything set up there?  If so,  uncheck 'use proxy a server' and see what happens.
I have the same exact problem when building XP templates, and tried a million different tweaks.  I think I have it narrowed down to a relationship between Windows Messenger and Hotmail.  I always uninstall WM (there is a way) and/or disable it in gpedit.msc  This seems to cause the problem.  If WM loads as a service, Hotmail is ok.  You have to love Microsoft!
I've run into the same problem with hotmail when I had my 3rd party firewall running ... I shut down zonealarm and hotmail seemed to work fine after that.
GisslenAuthor Commented:
The same thing happens in Outlook. Could it be becouse I stoped some of XP's services?
Why don't you list what services that you disabled! The fact that it only effects hotmail.com maybe has to do with your .NET profile! I never set one up myself and can still access my hotmail account just fine.

Just a though :)
GisslenAuthor Commented:
ok. Here's the list of my disabled services...

Background I.T.S.
com+ sys. app.
DNS client
Error reporting service
Fast user switch...
Humane interface d.a.
IMAP cd-burnig...
IPSEC Service
Logical disk man.
Logical disk man. adm.
MS Software shadow c.p.
Net logon
NetMeeting remote desk. shar.
Network DDE
Network DDE DSDM
NT LM secu. supp. pro.
Performance logs and alerts
Portable media Serial number
Remote desktop help sess. man.
Removable storage
Secondary logon
Shell hardware detect.
Smart card
Smart card helper
SSDP Disco.service
System restore service
Uninter. power supply
UPnP device host
Win. Image acqui.
Wireless zero conf.
WMI Perform. adapter
Volume Shadow Adapter

I don't agree with what you all have disabled!

For more info on tweaking services:

Windows XP Services Tweak Guide


How about "DON'T USE HOTMAIL" ...?
I too have been having this problem for months now - on several computers.

The best solution is from Petie.  This problem does not have anything to do with cookies or virus scanners, that much I have tested to the Nth degree.

Windows messenger must be running as a service.  If you did what I did (remove Messenger completely) you have to re-install it.  Also, if you are running multi-users, each one of them must have messenger running.  Stupid eh?

I started using Trilian this month, and the same problem appears.  So back to messenger for me.

If anyone has another solution, let me know.
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