Exploit-MIME.gen virus infection clearing out.

I was called to an SOS for a friend who has got a nasty Exploit-MIME.gen virus in his Windows 98.  Not sure what version of IE probably 5 or 5.5

The Norton Anti Virus didn't pick it up probably because he didn't have auto protect running though his email was protected, something had removed the Tick from Protect Outlook Express.   Norton also would not run properly and advised re installing.  I'm going to do that tomorrow.

I have disabled the Outlook from sending any SMTP server mail but left it allowing incoming mail.
 The server will keep filling up with new virus related rejects if I don't kill of temporarily his ability to send any mail at all.
He can do it on www.globalnet.com website for the time being until I sort out how to rid the system of this -

I've tried Symantec site and instructions to run a scan were there along with a patch from Microsoft which is worth downloading but does anything need cleaning out from Registry or other places? Is there a site I can go and get more detail on how to rid the system of this which came as scores of emails rejected by server and which were advising that email was being sent out from this person's computer attaching .exe to mail and to recipients he had never heard of? Nasty!
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WakeupConnect With a Mentor Specialist 1Commented:

Not much that I can find on this guy, but Mcafee has this:

Hope that will help..good luck.
Generally if the sites dont give you any info on cleaning registry or anywhere else, usually that should take care of the problem and wont need to regedit or anything.
LauriePriorAuthor Commented:
Thanks I've tried the McAfee site and it seems to have file updates for people using McAfee so that's not much use. But I think I'll go get Regclean and Ad-aware. Clean the system out and scan and defrag, empty folders in Outlook and compress, empty caches and history and Windows Temp and C Temp folders and hope to have cleared it after going to get the patch from MS and doing another Norton Re install and scan the system.

As you say can't do much more.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Laurie, wow...
thanks for the points, but you didnt have to close the question so early.  Some one else may have been able to give you an opinion or some more advice...
Just some advice for your next question you ask if you ever need to.  Hope you resolve the virus issue!

Good luck
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LauriePriorAuthor Commented:
Oh well I figured that if you could only find that small amount about it, then I probably have intuitively planned enough to clean it out myself.  You're welcome to the points.  I like to be sure and safe before I fiddle around with someone else's computer especially if they trust my knowledge and there is a percentage risk albeit low that I might mess it up for them.
I give myself frights when I re boot and find somoene's PC won't dial up and it's lost its modem through no known fault of mine.  Happy 200 points, I might need you to answer more tomorrow! Watch this space !
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Heheh...ok...I am watching!  So far nothing so I am guessing that you are running fine I hope?
LauriePriorAuthor Commented:
Yes I went to the guy's computer and spent two one three-hour session and one two hours over two days.  I'm pleased to say he gave me more than 200 points for curing it, he offered me 60 UK Pounds! Nice one.  This is what I did.

I emptied C:\TEMP and C windows temp.  And emptied temporary internet files.  I downloaded REG CLEAN and it cleaned about a dozen files from the registry.

I downloaded Ad-aware and killed off about four items of spyware on the system.

Norton refused to re install - kept getting half-done and giving up.  Eventually I got help and someone told me to find the installation files on the Norton 2001 disk and try to run either of them from the disk.  It found a discrepancy in versions of the install files and mended the problem itself.  Then at last Norton installed.  I did a live update of Virus definitions then a full scan.  It found 9 infected files.  It dealt with them.  I also ran Klez removal from Norton's Site.  And one file that it re directed me to Microsoft's site to update Outlook Express and turn it into version 5.5 - That was a long download.

Finally I re booted for what seemed like the four hundred thousandth time and Ran Scan disk.  It was then I realised I was going to have to leave it overnight, the scan was going to take hours and hours.

Next day he used the computer after a re boot and at the end of the day left it de fragging.  I then returned and checked it out.  All seemed to be cured.  It was running full speed but just to be sure I ran Ad Aware again and nothing found to bin in the trash so job done mission accomplished.

The guy was most impressed and now wants tuition from me in other computer matters.  Well what a compliment!
thanks for your help.
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