Any latest info on interfaces..1394, PCI

Would appreciate any latest info on the following interface :-

USB 2.0 verse 1394
Now that USB2.0 has taken over 1394 by 480 to 400Mbps. Any news on the new 1394b that will adopt a different coding and data-transfer scheme that will scale to 800 Mbit/s, 1.6 Gbit/s and beyond.

PCI - X verse Intel's "next generation I/O"
The last information I got was that PCI-X being promoted by  a non-intel group against  Intel's "next generation I/O", where PCI-X will support one 64-bit slot at 133MHz, for an aggregate throughput of 1 GBps.
Any latest information on this.

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hhhengAuthor Commented:
Info on USB2.0 is fine but I'm looking for info on "1394b" and "PCI-X"
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Just to clarify without links. USB 2 has not by any stretch of the imagination taken over Firewire. They are very different technologies for very different applications and while on paper USB 2 may LOOK faster than Firewire, its not. The protocols for USB 2 still leave it somewhat behind Firewire.

The next generation of Firewire is in the works and is expected to be included in the next line of Apple's computers sometime in may/june. That will crank it up to 800.
hhhengAuthor Commented:
Thanks to frache and weed
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