Specify destination paper tray

we currently specify which paper tray to select paper from with this
m_pImageDevMode->dmDefaultSource = pDoc->m_StatementPageDef.GetImagePaperTray();

How would I specify the destination paper tray?
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DanRollinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not many printers have more than one output tray, and I can find nothing about it in the DEVMODE structure.

However, I assume that it is possible to selct an output tray in the printer settings dialog, right?  If so, then you can probably learn how that printer driver keeps track of where to output by examining the various fields of the DEVMODE structure before and after you manually modify the settings for the printer.  My guess is that it would be in the device-specific bytes that follw the DEVMODE struture.  The dmDriverExtra field will be non-zero in that case.

From the text of your comment, I assume that you already know how to access the DEVMODE structure, but if you need help with that, I can post some code.
This is a read herring.  Its title is
   How to Print a Report to Different Paper Trays (Q200546)
but it really tells you how to print FROM specified paper bins.  I put it here just to confuse you:

This article describes a way to access printer private info.  I'm not sure if it is applicable to you:

-- Dan
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jeremy630Author Commented:
I couldn't find a DEVMODE field that allowed me to specify the output tray.  I did find out that our application was looking in the Printing Preferences which is found by right clicking on the printer (Win 2000) not just under Printer properties.
Why have you insulted me with a C?  

You ask a question, then never return to it and never provide any feedback and don't give me a chnce to explain how to get to the settings that are in the Printing Preferences.  And then you slap my face with a bad grade.  Are you just naturally mean?

-- Dan
jeremy630Author Commented:
I didn't realize I was giving a A, B, C grade.  A solution to my problem didn't really exist.  I didn't think it was fair to give you 100 points and also select the option stating that your answer was excellent, or whatever the "A" option would have been.  Would it have been nicer of me to give you an "A" and 50 points rather than a "C" and 100 points?
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