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i've got multiple win2k servers. I've got 1 of them that syncs the time to a public time server. Now, I wanted the other servers to sync the time also to that win2k server that contacts the public time server.

Can anyone help me?

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geteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are several protocols and applications that do time synchronizations. Win2K itself in its Resource Kit have a time service (cmiiw). Still the easiest way to do this for me is to use NET TIME command in a batch file and schedule it to be run at certain periodic interval.

@NET TIME \\win2K_time_server_name /SET /YES

Open the Task Scheduler in each of w2k servers and create a scheduled task to run this batch file periodically.

You can also use AT command to do task scheduling.

G. Tanuel
 If your server configured for the public sntp server is a DC,  any other machines be it servers or workstations that are members of that domain will automatically sync their time periodically.   A quick test would be to change the time on 1 of the servers and then stop and restart the w32time service.  The time should then sync right up again.  If it is not a DC, there is no automatic time sync other than manually running net time \\servername /set /y  or some other 3rd party time program.   You can use the task scheduler to periodically run it as well.
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You can also modifie the regestry keys to point to the correct server...  I've done this on my domain, with a NT4 Server that is not a PDC or BDC, just a stand alone server.  Setting the good values on the Win2k Pro machines and other servers to point to this server works fine...
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