Changing a settings file in a Java program

When I install a Java application, it requires a connection to a database. The flaw in this program is that it has a default database name (DSN) to which it tries to connect. Unless you happen to have that data source on your machine, it will fail. When installing this application, it never gives you the option to edit the DSN name. Can anyone suggest how I might change this? I am not a java programmer, so be gentle!. I suppose i need to change one of the source files for this.
thanks for any assistance
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I would first check the documentation of this application. If this application ignores all sensibility and does not give you the option to change the DSN, read on.

You'll have to change one of two things, depending on the application. It might be reading the DSN from a properties (settings) file, or it may be embedded in the application.

The easiest way to find the problem is to unpack the source files and use an editor that lets you search for the DSN string in multiple files. If you find it in a properties file, you won't have to recompile. If you find it in the source, you'll have to run "javac <file>" for the changed file.

Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
Two options:

1. Pass the DSN as a paramater on the program as a command line:

java -Ddsn=xyz mypackage.MyClass

2. Store the DSN in a properties files, and have your program read it from there.

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mikeandbeeAuthor Commented:
I can change the DSN in the properties file AFTER it has been installed, but what I want is for the program to give me the option to add/find a DSN on my system, and not hardcode the DSN into the settings file. Is it possible tochange this with little knowledge of Java? Do i need a Java programming environment to do this (which i don't have)?

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Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
> Is it possible tochange this with little knowledge of Java?

Define little.
Sounds like this would require a code change.

> Do i need a Java programming environment
to do this (which i don't have)?

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