Athlon/Video Incompatibilities

I have a tax program from the IRS.  It is an instructional thing for the small business owner.  It uses QuickTime to show movies.  On my Athlon 1.3 with 256M of memory all movies freeze about halfway and then may finish with the last second or so of it.  Is this one of the incompatibilities with the Athlon?
The minimum sys requirements are Pentium with 16M of RAM and quad speed CD.  I have 1.3, 256M, and a 12X DVD (32x CD I believe).
I run this on my kids' 600MHz 96M system and it works fine.  Athlon incompatibility?  What can I do to fix it?  I have updated QuickTime wiuth no fix.
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Yes it's possible. You could also try playing the files in other apps maybe? Have had limited success with BIOS updates when it comes to these processors but anything to stabilise it will help. You're knowledgeable enough to know how to play around in BIOS and this can often be a case of accidentally finding a BIOS setting change that fixes the problem. try modifying CPU, AGP & video cache settings in the BIOS & see if it improves at all.
I seriously doubt this has anything to do with the Athlon CPU itself.  This chip is 100% compatible with Windows and Windows applications.

I'd suspect (in the following order):

1) Hardware problems on your computer.  Including but not limited to overclocking, bad RAM, defective device drivers, hardware resource conflicts.

2) Messed up Windows installation.  What version of Windows is this anyway?

3) Bad QuickTime version.  QuickTime has always been a problematic application.  Check for an updated version for your version of Windows.
slink9Author Commented:
It is 98SE.  There are no other indications of problems.  I can play a baseball game called BackYard Baseball with no slowdowns or lockups.  I thought it was because of background programs running so I ended all tasks other than Systray and Explorer.  No fix.  I thought it just needed a good old reboot (which I have to every week or so).  No fix with the warm boot or the cold boot.
I have a 32M AGP NVidia video card.  It is not showing any problems either.  I thought checking for updates within the QuickTime program would check for a new version.  I will uninstall QT and install the version that came on the tax CD.  Thanks.
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In addition, I would boot up in safe mode and remove any duplicate drivers, and then get the latest drivers for your Nvidia card.

Also check Windowsupdates for any relevant patches.

I hope this helps !

slink9Author Commented:
I removed QuickTime and put ver 4 on from the CD.  No fix.  I don't believe I have multiple drivers but will check.  I will also check Windows Update.  I locked up last time I was on this question so I am wondering if I may have contracted a virus.  I will check that also.
Based on my experience even if you had not mentioned having an Athlon I would have asked if you do given the symptoms. Athlon & video processing are a mismatch in my book and I actively recommend against using them when requested to build a system. To be fair the latest XP Athlons seem to be OK but your 1.3 is in the suspect category unfortunately. Well documented in previous questions I have got involved in but the main solution seems to have been going to PIII or PIV type system. Have tried these processors with various video cards, OS's, mobo's but no joy when it comes to video editing or related programs.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news


slink9Author Commented:
I thought I remembered that.  This is only standard video playing.  No real intense stuff.  That is the weird part.  Is it possible that a BIOS upgrade would help?
slink9Author Commented:
It is probably not worth the trouble since all that I have to do is slide over a few feet and fire it up on my kids' computer.  I may play with it just for a learning experience.
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