Sound dying after installing a new CD-Rom

I have a problem with the sound.
The slider for the sound (the one in the bottom right of your taskbar) goes down, the soundcard is fine because I can hear sound for a moment, but then the slider goes down, automatically for some reason until it reaches 0 and the sound completely dies down. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?. I am assuming it's because of a problem with some driver or something, seeing as I doubt hardware would do that. Using Windows98.

Thanks again people
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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Try this. Right click on volumn icon in taskbar Adjust audio properties check that the perferred device is the right one Also check advanced properties performance tab try standard acceleration
Are you sure the cable inside your pc between your sound card and the CD-ROM player is seated properly, and doesn't have any breaks in it?
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Hmmm weird never heard of or seen where the Windows volume control would actually be automatically reseting itself when sound or music is being played. Did you just install this sound card or is it one that you have been using for awhile and problem just started to happen? When was the last time you checked for virus's and booted into safe mode and did a scandisk and defrag? Which slider is involved, the Master (Volumen Control), the Wave or the CD Audio?

I would also suggest if you continue to have problems to boot into safe mode and open Device Manager and completely remove all the references to the sound card. Shutdown the machine and remove the card from the system. Now reboot. After Windows has finished loading shutdown again and reseat the sound card into a different slot and then reboot and reinstall the cards drivers.

The Crazy One
My vote goes to a virus.  Try a scan at
Blades1999Author Commented:
Thank You for Your reply

audio properties reads
Ess audiodrive playback 220
this is the one it always reads . before and since the

Under advanced properties for audio performance it
reads 'full' on the acceleration scale.

Under advanced properties for 'speakers' what should
it be set at? I have never peeked in this before. It
is sitting at 'laptop stereo  speakers'. i don't have
a laptop though *S*
I'm surprised noone has answered yet.  I presume, assuming that your computer is not a laptop, but is a desktop or tower computer, it should be set at Desktop stereo speakers.  This may be your problem.  If that doesn't work, try other combinations.
I don't think that matters.  I am awaiting the results of a virus scan.
>>>before and since the repair.

What repair are you referring to?
I have run into this before and it was not a virus. I can't remember the fix, however, it did have something to do with the soundcard drivers, look under multimedia and make sure everything looks fine, nothing is muted on your sound speaker icon. It was an easy fix as I recall, but am sorry I can't remember the exact fix at this moment. Dave
You should see if drivers are available for all devices on a system you are upgrading.  I/O conflicts are a nice curve that just looking for IRQ conflicts would not answer.  For example I had a video card that was on its own IRQ but it was sharing I/O with another device.  Once I updated the video drivers and other drivers my system has been running fine.
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Thanks everyone.
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Blades1999Author Commented:
Well none of it really fixed the problem, and seeing as it was a problem of a friend of a friend it kinda went away to the back of my mind, then slipped from even there hehe

Sorry guys, appreciate all the effort you guys made in aiding me, so now that my question basically was not resolved I wonder...who do I give the points to?...or does the site just close everything down?
Blades1999Author Commented:
With everything of course I was refering to this thread
If the problem wasn't fixed, and I'm assuming from his words "Well none of it really fixed the problem" that everything suggested by all the experts was tried, it seems this question should be either deleted or PAQed with zero points for all the info in it.
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