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I have about 100 files I would like to rename. The new name will have a blank in it, for example "abc xyz.txt". How could I do that?
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jfrenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
put the underscore on it..
..or just right click 'rename' and press space bar when u wan to blank
This is quite correct, but a bit too obvious.  Is that REALLY what you are asking?
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I would imagine you're looking for a utility to make it easy.  Try this one:
What's Rename4u? is a fun and easy program for renaming files! It's a free program that allows you to rename any files, using various methods, including search/replace, renumbering, prefixes/suffixes, permissions, etc. Includes test mode, so you can test your combination(s) before renaming the files.
Select multiple files or a whole directory.
Use the Search/Replace feature to rename files and/or file extensions.
Use the Numbering feature to apply sequential numbers to multiple files.
You can add Prefixes and/or Suffixes to filenames.
Supports wildcards (*).
You can change the case (upper or lower) of the filenames.
You can change the permissions on the selected files.
Includes a Test mode so you can test your renaming options before renaming them.
Did I mention this was free? :)

This runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, or Win2000.
ZDNet rated it 4 Stars! rated it "5" Stars!

Many file types do not support 'space' as a character in which case use underscore like jfren said.
Great utility Lee!
Yeah, isn't it?  I'm like CrazyOne; I collect utilities.  We call ourselves Utility Geeks Unanimous.
It's one thing collecting them but another remembering where you put them. One day I'll get round to doing an index/database. Meanwhile I would be a member of Utility Geeks Unorganized.
jc31415Author Commented:
I tried the Rename4u program, and it ignored leading blanks in the suffix to be added. So, unless I am missing something, it was unable to do what I want.
I haven't had time yet to try the Rename4u program (it's on my list of things to do), nor this one either:

THE Rename v2.0d [2.1M] W9x/2k/XP FREE

"Rename a series of files with a counter (01, 02, 03, etc.); rename pictures to their width and height; rename MP3s based on their ID3 information; use Natural Sort to list files; remove multiple spacing in names; convert the prefix and / or extension to lower case, upper case or capitalize the filename; invert the letters in the prefix and / or extension, replace the filename with system date or time, the file's date or time, or both; replace the prefix with the file's content; call the program from Windows Explorer with a right-click; add personal file filters; undo all your rename operations (even if you leave the program); search internal name of TrueType files to rename files ('times.ttf' becomes 'Times New Roman - Regular.ttf'); and much more."

I just did a google search for files supporting spaces in file names and came up with heaps that don't and nothing concrete about ones that do. Most of the ones that don't mentioned using underscore as a substitute. Why do you particularly want a space ?
ACDSee is the program to view graphics files, but it has great renaming function too.

Not free though :(
jc31415, did any of our comments answer your question?
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