CGI Application error

hi all

I made a simple CGI Application with delphi,

then I upload it to my domain(redhat linux) cgi-bin then I chmod the file to 755 and typed

an error page 500 appears with internal server error, I tried the application on another server and it worked good, why it's not working on my domain..?

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intheConnect With a Mentor Commented:

you need a host that supports custom compiled cgi/isapi apps.
the majority of hosts DONT mainly for security reasons as a compiled cgi could have backdoors into the server etc ,it is in a "out of control" state whereas something more commonly supported like a cgi perl script or asp/php etc has to be compiled by the hosting server therefore what it has access too can be controlled .

>>I tried the application on other server with linux too and worked good..

that would have been pure lucky that they support it.
see here for one such host:,1410,21729,00.html

and also a quick search on google gives a few:

a Delphi binary will never work in any linux environment...
only Kylix binaries will work there...

recompile the application with Kylix..

D-MasterAuthor Commented:
hi raidos

I tried the application on other server with linux too and worked good..

D-MasterAuthor Commented:
but why it doesn't work on my domain?
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