Colorado 600/1200 Scanner - WinXP Driver

I'm searching for the WinXP-driver for the colorado 600/1200 scanner! PLEASE! Give me a hint where i can find it! ( suggests to use NT/2000 drivers but hey do not work with XP)
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"Primax is not producing any new driver files for the new Microsoft Windows operating systems, please use the Windows 98 Driver for Windows ME and the Windows 2000 Driver for Windows XP. Our European Technical Support departments are unable to provide support for any Primax Products on Microsoft Windows ME or Microsoft Windows XP."

Looks like you're stymied. You could try installing the scanner software in Windows 2000 compatibility mode with 2000 drivers but I doubt it will work. If you want to try it anyway go to start - all programs - accessories - program compatibility wizard & follow the prompts.
The other option is to prepare a Dualboot system with either win2k or win98.
Not fun, but if you want to use the scanner....

I hope this helps !

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This may interest you, if not already done, follows.

Windows XP Service Patch 1 (CRITICAL UPDATE) was available using WindowsUpdate recently (huge), more information and links about there here, if you're not already aware.

CD Options here:
Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1 Installation and Deployment Guide 

Windows XP Service Pack 1 information
Internet Explorer 6 Service Patch 1 (CRITICAL UPDATE) was available from WindowsUpdate yesterday and highly recommended to fix significant problems.  You may wish to check WindowsUpdate directly.  Some more insights about these updates here: 
The following link shows you the list of fixes included in IE 6 SP1

If more is needed, please let us know.
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