GeForce 4 and Compaq monitor/motherboard

I have a three-year old Compaq Presario model 5340 and recently upgraded VisionTek GeForce4 MX420 PCI graphics card.

It works fine, except for when I'm booting/rebooting. I need to turn on my monitor and my computer with proper timing, or it simply will not display anything on my monitor. (I can tell that it's properly booting, but nothing shows up on the monitor)

In addition, I don't see the graphics card BIOS when booting, and just simply shows the Compaq logo. (Before with my Voodoo3 card, it showed a "3dfx Voodoo BIOS" message at booting)

This is starting to get rather annoying, as it may take up to 5 shutdown/reboots before I get anything on-screen. I'm afraid this may also affect the overall stability of the machine (which is bad enough already).

Any remedies?
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"I don't see the graphics card BIOS when booting"

We have some VisionTek brand cards at work and they do not have splash screens either.  This may be typical of this brand.

As for your monitor problem, this happens because the video changes through various modes during bootup.  First, the simplest text mode, then a basic graphic mode (Windows startup screen) and finally the driver loads and selects the mode you have set for your desktop.

There is a problem here either because:
1.  The new video card is simply defective and not changing modes properly.
2.  The card changes modes in such a way that is incompatible with that model monitor.

To diagnose:  You will need to borrow a different brand monitor from a friend or coworker and try it as well.  If both monitors behave the same, our suspect will be the card.  If the other monitor behaves perfectly, something about the card's mode changes is incompatible with the monitor.  Both the card manufacturer and the monitor manufacturer will blame the other in this case, so you would either need to get a different monitor or return the card for a different model.  Hopefully this card is brand new so you can still exchange it?

Does this have onboard video?  Is it disabled?  You probably have to change a jumper on the mobo to disable that.
"Any remedies?"

Buy a real computer!

seriously Compaq's are not very upgrade friendly, you will find what works with a "normal" computer is unworkable at all with a Compaq. I consider Compaq's, HP, IBM's as disposable computers, you use them until you "outgrow" them and then you get rid of them and buy a new computer.

Sorry that doesn't help with your problem but the truth is some hardware simply will not work properly in a Compaq
I agree with rayt333 and wouldn't recommend Compaq for the same reasons he explains.

Saying that, we have had some of the Leadtek cards with exactly the same problem that you are having. In some cases moving them to a different motherboard helped, but changing the card for another Leadtek card cured the problem, as well. It may be the card itself and the fact that it doesn't *like* your mobo.

What does this mean?  CBNobi, why did you not write any additional comments?  What else needs to be resolved here?  Obviously something is missing because the grade was 'B'.  So why did you not ask whatever follow questions or provide additional information?
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