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i would like to put a firewall on my pc

i need to know what is the best firewall in the world
and where can i download it?

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>I need to know what is the best firewall in the world

This is completely dependant upon your criteria and skills - can you handle a linux firewall with a web-based interface?  Than go with Astaro.  If you want a windows-based solution, I'm sure others here can offer better advice than I...  If you want an appliance, there are nearly infinite options - what are your exact requirements?


Zone Alarm Pro is one of the better ones at low cost.
"the best in the world?" that is a purely subjective moniker that depends on several things:
- cost
- personal preferences
- personal experience
- what you expect out of the software
- your level of expertise and facilites to understand and take advantage of the "extra" capabilites of the software

This is a good one:

Other free ones:

Try different ones and then test thme here:

Zonealarm is not bad, but has been criticized wrt a couple of points...

1. "too may false positives":  I'm guessing this complaint arises from a misconfiguration - sure, hackers are banging on you several times a day (or more) - do you really feel like hearing about every one as long as you know you are invulnerable to those attacks?  

2. "false sense of security":  zonealarm often seems to be marketed as a security panacea, which it definitely is not - like any other security solution, your box will only ever be as secure as the servers that run on the box - if you open up huge holes on your box, zonealarm will not complain as long as it perceives the "holes" to still comprise legitimate access to the box...

I guess my answer should be revised to say that you will never find the "best firewall" without a clear understanding of security, and your needs therein...

How do you know if your security is working?

Protecting your business doesn’t have to mean sifting through endless alerts and notifications. With WatchGuard Total Security Suite, you can feel confident that your business is secure, meaning you can get back to the things that have been sitting on your to-do list.


Black Ice defender - Network Ice software great little program with fantastic features
liranp1Author Commented:
i need one for windows

and i'm joking about the "world" thing
Blackice is worse than zonealarm wrt false positives (and providing a false sense of security).  Avoid it at all costs...

I use a firewall from tiny. you can download it at:

I have been using the personall fire for the past 1.5 years and had no problems.


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Symantec's is pretty decent.
Can you 'obtain' another PC min spec 486 32Mb? If so wander off to
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