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Linksys Cable Router/Cable Modem Sharing

Posted on 2002-04-29
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-14
I am using a Linksys Cable Router for Cable Modem Sharing.  My ISP is Cox@home.

I am currently getting only 1 DHCP IP Address.  The issue is that since installing the Cable Router, I cannot access the same multiuser online game at the same time.  For instance, my two kids want to play StarCraft online, but only one of them can access the game at a time from their separate PC's.

Prior to the router, I was using a Linksys hub with no extra IP.  This would allow two users to access the online game at the same time, but not the same exact game session.  I.e., user1 was in game A and user2 was in game B.  When I bought the extra IP address, they could both get into game A at the same time, but when I got the router, I dropped the second DHCP IP Address.

****Question:  With the router, how do I at least get them back into the same overall game, if not the same game session, without  buying the second DHCP IP Address?  I thought the cable router took in the static IP from the ISP and then assigned new IP's to individual PC's so that the internet would see them as distinct PC's?

Also, as a secondary question, only PC B running Windows 98SE will allow the user into Mechwarrior.  PC A, running Windows XP, will never let us in for some reason.

Thanks for the help,

Question by:tcoc
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Expert Comment

by:Ryan Rowley
ID: 6977986
To the outside world your system only has one IP.
The owner of this IP is your router.
On the home network side of your router each PC has it's own IP that is seen by the router and by other compters on the home network side of the router. I'm assuming that your present router has it's own DHCP server turned on and is assigning the IP's to your system.

Expert Comment

by:Ryan Rowley
ID: 6977990
My mechwarrior will not run on my XP Professional machine.
It does work on my W98,WME machines. You may need to find a version that is XP compatible.

Expert Comment

by:Ryan Rowley
ID: 6977999
On your Linksys with the two ISP IP addresses.
My best bet was that your Linksys DHCP server was disabled and your systems were getting thier IP's directly from your ISP.  @Home used to assign static IP's.
Has @HOME stopped this practice?
I see your linksys was just a HUB. So you had to get your IP's from the ISP. HUBS are dumb devices.
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Accepted Solution

Ryan Rowley earned 400 total points
ID: 6978025
On you router you can disable the DHCP server or you can place a system outside of the protection of your firewall or you can tell the router where to route the port addresses for your game. Your router is not the same thing as a hub. Some online games need hard IP address and port access to the outside world. I bet your internal IP's are something like 192.168.?.?. These address are for internal use only and cannot be used directly on the outside world. They are translated by your router to it's IP and the return is translated to your PC-A or PC-B IP address by the router.

Expert Comment

by:Ryan Rowley
ID: 6978047
Once again the internet only sees your router. This makes your system more secure. It is curious that your hub would allow both systems to be accessable to the internet with only one IP. Were both of the NIC's on your PC's confiquered to use DHCP from your ISP? Did you hard code in IP addresses into your NIC's or use some IP sharing software?

Author Comment

ID: 6984398
"I'm assuming that your present router has it's own
DHCP server turned on and is assigning the IP's to your system"
- Correct

"My mechwarrior will not run on my XP Professional machine.
It does work on my W98,WME machines. You may need to find a version that is XP compatible.
- I can get it to run on XP, I'm just having problems connecting to the Multiplayer Web games."

"@Home used to assign static IP's Has @HOME stopped this practice?"
- I believe that they are still assigning static IP's

"It is curious that your hub would allow both systems to be accessable to the internet with only one IP."
- I may have been wrong about this.  Now that I think about it some more, I probably couldn't have the dual access until I bought the second IP address.

I need to look more closely at how to use the DHCP and second IP address before I can close this out....

Thanks for all the help,

LVL 16

Expert Comment

ID: 6985270
Unless you can confirm from your game manufacturer (Blizzard, yes?) that this will work, I would go back to two IPs.  In any case, most internet multiplayer games seem to break for no really good reason when you run them through a NAT box - it's as though it never occured to the network programmers that multiple licenses could show up on the same IP under normal circumstances.  Even if you can get it to work with a single IP, the next internet multiplayer game that your kids want to play will almost certainly not work (your old pal Murphy makes sure of this).

Of course, unless your linksys is a lot more swanky than I'm guessing it is (allowing specific SNAT and DNAT translation specifiers), you may still have problems even if you get that additional IP...

Let us know how it goes,


Author Comment

ID: 6998940

Looks like you were right.  I got a patch for MechWarrior, but it didn't say anything about XP specifically.

I still can't get both PC's onto StarCraft at the same time, so it looks like I'll have to take a crowbar to my wallet and pony up the extra $7 a month for another IP address.

Even so, as both Cox and The Captain have told me, that still may not work.

Thanks to both of you guys for all your help,


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