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WebSphere with AS400 issues

Hi, currently I am using WAS 3.5.4 in my AS400. Actualy I am doing the feasibility study on this before implement it to the company. There are few questions in my mind and I do hope anyone of your can provide me some idea.

1. Performance issues.
2. Comparing JSP,Servlet with RPG.
3. Comparing WAS in other platform with AS400.

1. Performance issues
In here, the performance I am referring is the CPU ultilization of my AS400 system. I remember one time when I am accessing my JSP page, my server (AS400) reach until 80-90% and the whole system hang. End-up I found out that is because my JSP pages coding have syntax error. Anyway, that's not my point here. I am hoping anybody can share information with me regarding this WAS in AS400 system in terms of performance issues .

Besides this, if my pages and everything is in ok, then the CPU ultilization is not quite bad (10-25%). But I haven't try a senerio when all the branches accessing the pages and the respond time of each pages either is satisfied or not. This is my second concern under this performance issues.

If i am not mistaken, the processing WAS in my AS400 is Batch-CPU processing and the web-server is interactive-cpu. And if so, then my AS400 ultidsfl shouldn't be very high.(Am I right?)

2. JSP, Servlet and RPG
There is 2 key things in here I would like to mention. Ease of learning comparing this 2 major programming language and how much different in terms of development time of this 2 language.

I can conclude that my main concern is my colleagues. They are more used to RPG programming language, and my current system is coded in such a way. So, I am wondering if I am going to share my JSP and servlet knowledge with them, will they have any problem to pick up this language or not. No doubt, learning curve of JSP and servlet is taugh. And if you don't have foundation on OO concepts, you might face problems here.

3. WAS in AS400
I know that WAS can run on AIX, AS400, NT and event linux. But how is the benchmark comparing with all this. Anyone of you know any web-sites which already done this kind of comparison before. Can share with us??

For conclusion, please treat this as a forum or disscussion. And I do hope all the WebSphere exprt here can share information with each others.

Thank You.
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1 Solution
We use WebSphere on AIX and connect to our AS/400 remotely for some of the same performance issues described above.

We have RPG programmers who want to "try" Java, and they do code programs the run and work, so I know people can pick up java quickly.

As far as benchmarking and in-line comparisons, we asked IBM for benchmarks, and they couldn't provide us with any real information that we could use to configure our servers for load balancing, memory, etc.. I wanted to see charts of settings vs. traffic and best practices, but I had to configure everything after using a third party load tester.

I used to think i-planet on solaris was the only way to go, but right now, WebSphere 4.0 on AIX 5.1 seems to be very decent.  
foongkimAuthor Commented:
jerelw, recently I newly found the red-book in IBM websites have some reference on the performance fine tuning of AS400. Title is something like Java on iSeries, Performance of Java in iSeries.

Besides this, ibm in my malaysia also can't provide me that performance benchmark.

So, jerelw, what is your personal suggestion either is it worth for my company to go in to this WAS with JSP or not? And how long you have been working with WAS in AIX?
WebSphere 4.0.3 on AIX 5.1 seems to be stable.  I haven't installed anything but DB2 and WebSphere since 2000.  My Company is an AS/400 company, so IBM was really the only choice I had.

I would install my applications and use a load tester to give stats on how long servlets and pages took to load.  I would also tail the logs to see cpu usage, and memory usage, etc.

After that, I would tweak the Application server until performance was satisfactory.

If you had to pin me down on whether or not I would recommend WebSphere and DB2 with an AS/400 backend, I would say:yes.  So far there is nothing really that we can't do.
foongkimAuthor Commented:
Jerelw, sorry for not replying. I am outstation for a month for company business. Well, get back to our discusion, u have mentioned the Load Tester. What is that software actually? Is it a freeware software? Where can I get it?

Yesterday I have tried some simple testing on my AS400 machine with WebSphere. I have developed a simple application including enquiry programs (2 physical files), updating programs (1 pf), and New Entry programs. My main objective is to test the respond time for each programs, client requirement.

The result of this is very good. Respond time of the enquire programs and new entry programs is not bad. Average is around 2 seconds most. But for the updating, it's need a little bit more, around 4-5 seconds. Maybe it's beause I update few records at one time. And the client requirement also in a statisfactory level. Event P with 75MHz and IE3 also can view the pages.

But, all this performance measurement is done by mannual. Means is done by me and not the system itself. So, I am very hope you can suggest any software or tools that can measure the CPU, memory and etc regarding my websphere.

foongkimAuthor Commented:
TQ for your attention although you didn't reply quite some time already.
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