Screening SMTP Headers

I want to hide/screen SMTP header from outgoing mails.As I see, when you send mails to outer organizations,mailers, your mail server name,IP address,mailer informaiton etc. could be seen by anyone.How can I prevent to show Internet headers in outgoing mails message body.ooopss forget to tell you about organization, organization uses Exchange2000
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You can't.  Those headers are exposed by the RFC for SMTP.  They must be there in order for other servers to route mail correctly.
ferhatgulsoyAuthor Commented:
I need a bit explanation.I accept that,of course mail servers must route to destination mail servers, but, there are firewalls in front of Exch2000 servers, when a mailer request to smtp ,
for example ---->, it request from a firewall, and it responds as, not question has leaks of explanation,sorry.If there are firewalls how can we disable to show these headers,Could it be made on exchange servers or firewalls
"C" Why?  If you don't think the comment is a clear answer, don't accept it.  I would rather that you delete the question.

Perhaps you should review the grading criteria.

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Grade C question, didn't ask what they wanted to know. Reading the second comment from the questioner (after they accepted your comment) it looks like what they really want to do is change the SMTP banner and the reply to HELO which there is a button for under Exchange2000 so if you install AD as domain.local rather than .com to avoid inside/outside DNS problems you can still get Exchange to use as the banner string. Also hide the version and product info if you want through a reg hack. Can't hide the IP address though, it's added to the header by the reciever.
ferhatgulsoyAuthor Commented:
thanks andyalder, is there a document for your explanation?
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