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I have two computers at home. One is used for my job, and i am part of a large network on this computer. I have a DSL connection with a router hooked up to this computer, running windows 95.
I bought another computer recently and have connected this computer to the router so it can use the net connection aswell. This one's running win XP.
I want to back up the data on the hard drive of the first computer to the second computer but how do I do that without losing my connection to the original network?

Any help would be apreciated... :)
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can set up XP to be part of a workgroup ( use the same name as the domain on your work computer ).

Set up a share on the XP machine and then you can transfer files.

Sharing a drive drive share  NT shares  NT file sharing
Permissions are set in two seperate places in NT and win2k/XP.

   1) There is a set of permissions on the share it self for access outside the local computer.

  2) There are file/dir permissions on the hard drive for local and remote access.

                   right click on the drive/file, choose properties - security - permissions. Give the person/goup full

3) delete all the *.pwl files in the \windows dir on win98. Your next login will recreate them. reboot
OK, you need to add a new share rather than the default administrative share.
                   Add the new share -( there is a new share button at the bottom )  call it C-drv, set the permissions,
                   and that should solve the problem.
1) Add a new user on NT.
               2) Try loggin into a win98 station using this new user and password.

               See if you can access the NT machine.

               Please note that the default shares on NT are not accessible, you have to create NEW shares !
Other options is to enable the guest account, but this is a security breach usually.
                   I hope this helps !
From: stevenlewis     Date: 09/29/2001 06:49PM
              OK, the "access denied" gives us a clue.
              Log on to the 98 boxes using the client for M$ networks as the primary logon, this creates the access
              token that the w2k box needs. then on the share(s) you have to allow the guest account access to the
              share(s), in the permissions, allow everyone full control
              also enable the guest account on the w2k box
              Click on Start/Programs/Administrative Tools/Computer Management. Look for Local Users and Groups       under   System Tools (on the left side), and expand it to show the two folders, Users and Groups. Highlight       the Users folder, and then you'll see the Administrator and Guest account. Highlight the Guest account,               and click on Action. Go down to properties, and on the General Tab for Guest Properties, you'll see            the box checked for Account is Disabled. Uncheck it
Need to map the port, as you are using ICS (network address translation)
  port list

I hope this helps !

dccrazyAuthor Commented:
PS the second computer cannot join the original network...
dccrazyAuthor Commented:
erm... sorry, but joining the other network is not an option... i have 2 join the workgroup and i can't do that for security reasons... :(

And what's all that smeg at the bottom about? :)
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try installing NetBEUI on the XP box
then from the xp box
search for the other computer, then drag files to it, or from it
you may want to check these out (for the 95 box)
There is a program that will keep track of a bunch of different network settings
try here 30 day trial version 

Or  Symantec Mobile Essentials V2.0 Personal Edition
As stevenlewis said: NETBEUI.
Set the same workgroup name on both and verify they have different computer names. This works well in most cases. Possibly, you need to check binding of "file and printer sharing" to the NETBEUI protocol, at least on the 95 machine. (control-panel, network, NETBEUI protocol, properties; tick binding to file and printer sharing)

I don't really get your security issue here, but NeTBEUI is not routable, so it shouldn't have any impact on that.

dccrazyAuthor Commented:
ok i'll try the stuff... cheers
What's puzzling to me in this question is that both computers are connected to the same router.  But somehow can't talk to each other without knocking one off the network?  I don't get it.  How many interfaces are on the router?  What is the address on each computer?  Is one of the systems traffic tunneled - the router tunnels all traffic from its source address back to a corporate network but does not tunnel the traffic from the second computer?  If that were the case - you'd need to set up a split tunnel such that only traffic destined for you corporate network from that system got tunneled while everything else could route where it needed to go.  This would have the added benefit of improving performance to some web sites.  On the other hand it could be a violation of your company's security policy.  Detail detail details.  :-)
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