Controls in non-client area

how can i place controls in the non-client area of a form
say i want to place a command button in the title bar or the menu bar
please dont suggest simulating a title/menu bar
i need it to be a form with a real title/menu bar because i use windows scrollbars and not vb scrollbars and i dont want the scrollbars to extent into the simulated title/menu bar
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Put your form and your button inside another form, or into mdi client area, so they'll have common parent window.
pierrecampeAuthor Commented:
Hi ameba
i'm afraid i dont get what you mean
if i place form2 inside form1 with setparent i still can not move form2 into the non-client area of form1
or can i ?
pierrecampeAuthor Commented:
or is there a way to limit the extend of the vertical scrollbar so it will not extend into the simulated titlebar of a form without a titlebar (windows scrollbars not vb scrollbars)
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If you place Form1 inside parent borderless frmParent (no caption, no border)
and put button1 inside frmParent, you can position button over any part of Form1.

I'm not saying that is good, but that is one way to have control over non-client area.
pierrecampeAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys
sorry for having taken so long
i have decided to simulate a form with title bar in a form without and to use the vb scrollbars
i'll reduce this questions points to 0
and post 100 points and A grade to both of you
Points reduced to 100.  Now you can accept one experts comment as an answer and make a 100 point question for the other expert in this topic area.

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